Lack of food pushes 2.3mn to flee Venezuela: UN


Lack of food pushes 2.3mn to flee Venezuela: UN


About 2.3 million Venezuelans have fled their crisis-hit country mainly because of a lack of food as severe shortages of medicine has left thousands at risk, the UN spokesman said Tuesday.

The Venezuelans have fled to Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Brazil.

“People cite the lack of food as their main reason for leaving,” said UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric. About 1.3 million Venezuelans are suffering from malnourishment.


It’s a very sad humanitarian and economic situation. It’s been ongoing for some time


And the president was just re-elected!


Oh, I’ll bet that was a free election with no chicanery, corruption, or coercion anywhere. :rofl:


This is an important reminder for Americans that U.S. sanctions are immensely harmful to the least powerful.

You would lose that bet. The opposition coalition, with support from the U.S., boycotted the election. One candidate broke ranks and registered to run against Maduro but he quit the race after he was kicked out of the opposition coalition and the U.S. threatened him with sanctions. So Maduro was reelected in part due to U.S. coercion.

Mainstream reporting on Venezuela is pretty terrible, especially in U.S. outlets that mostly parrot the State Department line. It’s how the U.S. government could spend all of 2017 calling for elections in Venezuela, and then immediately upon the announcement of elections declare them invalid before they even happened, with nary a mention in the press.


Venezuela is the richest country in the world … ALL KINDS OF OIL … and the people are literally starving.


did you not see the “:rofl:” (which you cut out of the post you quoted) which is the emoji that means “rolling on floor laughing” ? It was not serious. Here is a serious bet though… i’ll bet you left it out on purpose to provide yourself the opportunity to go on your “the US is responsible for Maduro” screed


Why would the opposition boycott the election?

And how would another country (ie, US) “help” them do that?


They knew they were going to lose.

The U.S. hates the Venezuelan government, mostly because they refuse to bend the knee to U.S. imperial interests. The U.S. has been calling for regime change for years and under Trump has begun threatening military action. The U.S. knows that Venezuelan elections are legitimate, so the only way for the opposition to continue to play the victims is to boycott elections instead of just losing them. The U.S. went as far as threatening individual sanctions against Maduro’s only opponent for running against him.


So there were 2 parties in Venzuela, and the one that is not Maduro’s is not popular? Maduro was more popular?

Things look bad in Venezuela, and that is usually good for the party not in power.

Why is Maduro so popular?


Depends on who counts the votes.

click here google youtube stalin votes


Oh come on. The reason the opposition boycotted the election was because it was clearly not going to be a fair run. Maduro and the Chavistas have rigged the entire political system in their favor. As it stands, I’m sure Maduro is quite happy to see a few million Venezuelans flee the country. But let’s make no mistake here, the Chavistas have run Venezuela in to the ground, while enriching themselves, and they have absolutely no one ot blame but themselves. The US doesn’t really care about Venezuela at all.


There are multiple parties in Venezuela. A number of the parties that oppose Maduro and the PSUV formed a coalition called the MUD. The MUD had electoral successes in recent years but the pendulum has swung back towards the PSUV. The MUD is still popular but polling indicated they would have lost the two recent elections so they boycotted them instead of losing. Maduro’s victory was an easy one without any real opponents.


The U.S. government sure spends a lot of time talking about a country they don’t care about.


If the anti-Trump media is parroting the Trump State Dept, then it’s likely they have their facts correct.


One of the things Republicans and Democrats and their corporate overlords can agree on is their hate for countries that don’t kowtow to the United States.


corporate overlords … kowtow …


Why was the MUD coalition losing popularity? It just seems very strange that people would vote for the institutes of such destructive policies.


Venezuela is politically divided about down the middle, sort of like the U.S., and power shifts back and forth between the PSUV and the opposition. The problem for the MUD is the U.S. supports them, and because the U.S. sanctions on Venezuela are a main reason for the worsening of the economic crisis Venezuelans aren’t currently big fans of the opposition.


Venezuela’s money has become worthless because the government prints bales of it.

People are leaving because they cannot buy food.

Oil and money are traded all over the world freely, but Venezuela cannot figure out how to do it.

Experts have fled Venezuela … so Venezuela’s bureaucrats cannot figure out how to do basic functions.

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