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I recently had a meeting with my priest and filled out lack of form papers out, this was about three weeks ago. Two days ago I recieved a call from the auditor at the tribunal and verified my address. Then she proceeded to tell me that she had my lack of form infront of her and said that she would be sending this out to me today and asked me what my new wifes name is.

Does this mean more then likely that I am getting a decleration of nullity and that I will be free to marry?

any feedback :D:D

It appears that way. Although, to be 100% sure, I probably would have asked her that question.

Of course, if you do get it, then that means your current marriage needs to be convalidated.

If your first marriage did not take place in the Church, then “Lack of Proper Canonical Form” is the grounds for the annullment.

Probaly didnt explain the wife comment correctly. When she asked what my new wifes name was I think she meant wife to be . I am engaged to be married. Sorry for the mistake.

Yea !!!

Just checked my mail , and recieved my copy of Decree of Nullity . So my whole process took about three weeks . However i was very prepared with all information needed for Father to send to the tribunal. Free to MARRY one of the best days of my life !!!



Lack of form is the easiest, and quickest, process if all the paperwork is in order.

Congratulations and welcome home - Joe K…

We have scheduled our precana and our focus test, however Father says I also need a remarriage prep class. Does anyone know where these take place , are these through the church or through a private vendor? Any help would be great…


The classes are scheduled through your parish and will probably be at your parish, or possibly at another parish or a diocesean location, such as a family ministry center. But they will be run by the Church, not a third party.

I woul like to ask you something: I’m in the same process right now, I brought copy of past marriage certificate (civil) and copy of divorce decree. My fear is that they try to contact my ex-husband. I have no communication whit him, it’s been three years since he doesn’t call his own son, he lives out of the country and I’m sure he will not accept a phone call or anything that pertains to me. I’m afraid I won’t be able to get married on the Catholic church with the man that loves me an I love. Do they have to contact the other party? Or are de documents proof enough? Thanks!

You have not given enough information on your situation. Also, this is a 2 year old thread, and the forum rules ask us not to resurrect threads older than one year, but instead to start a new thread. So, I suggest you start a new thread. Also, I suggest that if you want to start a new thread, you put in the Liturgy and Sacraments forum or Family Life as that is where most nullity related coversations occur.

If your situation is exactly the same as the original poster-- you are a Catholic who married someone civilly without a dispensation from Catholic form-- then that is an administrative paperwork process only. It requires your marriage license, your divorce decree, and your baptismal records. Your former spouse need not be involved at all.

If your situation is different-- such as you are a Catholic who married in the Church and then divorced-- then you would need to go through a full tribunal nullity trial. In that case, you are the petitioner and your former spouse is the respondent. The tribunal will make a good faith effort to contact your former spouse and give him the chance to participate, give testimony, and provide witnesses. But, he does not have to participate in order for the process to move forward. So if they cannot locate him, he chooses to ignore the paperwork, or he sends back a refusal to cooperate, it can still move forward.

Alright, happy for you
God bless your new marriage, brother

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