Lack of Prudence or Desecration of Host


Okay, so I’m fully aware that this could just be scruples, but since this is a big issue I feel like making sure. I’d wait until I could talk to my confessor, but my next chance will be on my birthday. And, well, that’s not a day where I want to risk the chance of finding out I’m wrong. That would not be fun.

So, I just remembered that on the Easter Vigil, after receiving communion, I inspected my hands to make sure no fragments of the host were left. At first I didn’t see one, but after a while, I saw one white fragment. For some reason, I didn’t think it was a piece of the Eucharist (I did afterwards). So at that point, I intentionally rubbed my hands on my pants. My problem is that I’m not 100% sure what I was thinking, but I do know that it wasn’t my intent to desecrate the host. I was scared of that happening, and for that reason, I wanted to receive on the tongue, but with it being my first time I felt uncomfortable. So did I incur a latea sentenae excommunication (I was aware of the penalty at the time)?


You did not purposely do anything wrong.What you describe is a common problem.In the past I have served as an extraordinary minister of Communion I would gently shake the host before distributing on the hand due to loose particles.God knows what is in your heart so no need to worry.In the future I would suggest( if you so desire )receive on the tongue.Many people do because of the situation you describe.


From what you described the worst you might have done was a venial sine. I would recommend receiving Holy Communion on the tounge, then you won’t have to worry about your hands. :thumbsup:


Thanks for the replies. Since then I have been receiving on the tongue. My biggest problem is that I can’t remember my mind set at the time. All I know is that the wiping my hands was likely because of the fragment and that I didn’t connect it to desecrating the Host (I would have been worrying about it if that was the case; I didn’t even see it as a mortal sin). I guess if I was unknowingly excommunicated then it wouldn’t have applied after confession.


To me, you sound like you are suffering from scrupulosity. I suggest that you consult with a priest who is experienced in helping those with scrupulosity.

There is also a group on CAF for people who suffer from scrupulosity. Perhaps you would want to check this out.


Two thoughts:

*]In the many, MANY years I have been receiving communion in the hand (and I will sometimes receive on the tongue) I have never even thought to check my hands for particles of the host. I have never seen any particles in the cupped hand that the host is placed into.
I can see that a EM/EMHC might want to check due to the volume of hosts touched. But for someone simply receiving communion, checking that much seems scrupulous unless you have unusual hosts.
*]If your parish (and I’m assuming it’s a western Catholic parish) has hosts which are so easily leaving small particles behind, perhaps you need to suggest to your parish that they get a new supplier.


I agree. Wherever I’ve been to Mass the hosts have had sealed edges where they are stamped out from the sheet. And they are so hard and shiny they don’t crumble in the slightest.

Perhaps it’s the right time to remind the scrupulous that the Real Presence continues only for as long as there’s the appearance of bread .Minute particles resembling dust are most likely that - dust.


I take communion on the tongue so there no problem about particles of the Blessed sacramental going on my hand


A good way to set your mind at ease would be to bring up this issue in confession. A priest can best counsel you as to whether you have committed a sin. He can reassure you if you haven’t. Or he can grant you absolution if you have.


My advice is that you have learned something, so in the future you know that if you see something, you should consume it.

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