Lack of volunteers sparks WYD commuter hell

Thursday 03 July 2008

There are renewed fears for public safety after reports today indicated there will not be enough workers or volunteers at CBD train stations for World Youth Day.

Entire article at ABC

WYD hasn’t even begun yet. So, I think the Australian Bus and Coach News has a flair for the dramatic.

From the article “Carla Mascarenhas: Seeing Pope Benedict XVI changed me”

“The media’s coverage of World Youth Day has been distorted, to say the least. Traffic delays, unprecedented security, disgruntled horse trainers, a titanic budget funded by taxpayers. Really, can it get any worse?”

But I believe World Youth Day will not only reinvigorate the Catholic Church in Australia, but the way all Australians view religion, beyond the mindless stereotypes.

No doubt Sydney will be inconvenienced by World Youth Day. But that won’t be the only story to be told.,22049,23964658-5016672,00.html

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