Lackluster book endings - spoilers within!

Just thought it would be fun to share book endings we were less than thrilled with. Make sure you name your title with a big spoiler warning!

Mine would have to be The Memory Keeper’s Daughter.


That was a book that was very good during the first half, then started to go downhill and just got progressively worse. The ending was very anticlimactic, the couple in the book gets divorced, then the big secret of the dead daughter being alive, living in another town is discovered, and she bonds with her brother. It was pretty dumb.

Isn’t anyone excited to share their lackluster book ending? Nerds! :smiley:

How about Stephen King’s ending to his epic Dark Tower Series.

I don’t know what was worse, the ending or the lousy “don’t blame me” he added at the end because he knew it sucked.

Heheh… I am currently reading The Dark Tower Series, but I know how it ends. I know many were disappointed at the ending. It’s still an awesome series of stories, though. :smiley:

Okay, here’s a couple…

John Grisham’s “Playing for Pizza”–revealing the ending goes like this: “HUH???” There WAS no ending. It just… stopped. Like Grisham had no idea how to end it, so he just… stopped. And wrote “The End”. He needs to stick to legal thrillers!

Jodi Picoult’s “Change of Heart” (SPOILER)–actually, it wasn’t the ending so much as the fact that halfway through the book I got the funny feeling that I’d read this before… and the ending proved I was right. Only it was titled “The Green Mile” and it was originally written by Stephen King. All she did was change the names (and insert a glaring error about the sacrament of confession which she insisted was correct because she’d had two priests check her facts, or so she told me when I wrote her to tell her she had it wrong.)

Life of Pi

Spoiler alert that catholics should know!!

I loved the book and found it quite amusing and fanciful until the last couple of chapters. All of the sudden, you find out that the author thinks that all religion is a useful fiction we’ve all developed in order to avoid the horrible truth of what we are and the situations we live in. (There were no animals in the lifeboat and HE killed and cannibalized his way to survival.) The whoel book was a setup.

I hate being suckered. I threw the book across the room.

I know some people don’t like Harry Potter, but the ending to the series ticked me off when Ron and Hermione ended up married. Like the smart woman would end up with the sniveling and unintelligent Ron. My friends were so ticked (yes, we were 24 then). We wanted Hermione to end up with somone strong enough for her.

I haven’t read any Grisham, and have steered clear of Picoult because I hear she’s awful!

Ugh, that would be awful! I don’t think I have read books with a disappointing ending to that extreme, but I have read a lot of books that end up having some stupid anti-religion or pro-abortion message tucked in. :mad:

I didn’t know they got married! But then, I only read the first book in the series. I thought it was entertaining, but wasn’t gung-ho enough to continue with it.

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