Ladies--Does your husband/boyfriend scream at the tv?


Spinning off from my post in the ‘argument over the tv’ thread…I just have to ask the question…does your husband/boyfriend yell at the tv, while watching sports?:whacky:

It’s sometimes funny…but most of the time incredibly irritating…especially, when I’m praying in the bedroom or reading.:rolleyes: :o I mean…it’s startling at times…like…what in the world is he so upset about? A) it’s just a game, and B) they can’t hear you!!!

Just curious to hear some of your stories…all in good fun, though. :wink:


My DH is the king of yelling at the TV, especially during football games. To his credit, he pretty much only yells when his NFL team is playing, but he makes up for all the other days of the year when they do play!

At any rate, here at home it’s not usually a problem, since most games are during the day on Sunday. We usually go to his parent’s house and watch the game with his family, who are also big fans. However, we occasionally are at my parent’s house during a game (you know, holidays and such!). The worst is when the game is not on local TV or someone in my family has the audacity to schedule a family function at the same time as the game. But the funiest was the time DH was watching the game downstairs while the rest of my family was upstairs. My dad’s not a sports fan, so craziness over a game freaks my mom out. And DH starts screaming “GO NATE, GO NATE” which, from upstairs, sounds more like “DONATE” to my dad! But we all prefer the days when the team is winning and DH is yelling to the days when he is stone silent, which means that the team is losing and DH will be cranky for a day or two.

I’d love to hear other’s stories!



I am the only one who screams at the TV at our place - “TURN THAT THING OFF”


I’m the yeller at our house. I watch all kinds of sports and have favorite teams. One of my alma maters has good football team, and very good men’s and women’s basketball teams. So I yell at the TV. I have been known to cuss at political programs.


I yell at tv when I watch football :o :smiley:


In our house, I am the one who hollers at the TV. My grand daughter and I watch “Survivor” and she always says "Nanny, are you gonna yell again?“
I “encourage” my Steelers from my rocking chair. I have been known to “say”…Why the #%$%^ did you buy a vowel ?”

Naw, my BF doesn’t scream at the TV . “I” do! :smiley:



I see we have a similar trait:D


hey–I should have left it open ended for everyone…lol Yelling at the tv can strike anyone:p

I admit…I got a little loud when the Steelers were in the SB last year.:o

But…my husband is startling…nothing for like 20 minutes…and then…“Hit the puck!!!”

If you have high blood pressure…it really would be unwise to watch tv with my husband.


ROFL–that’s too funny!!!:stuck_out_tongue:


You should see me watching football sometime! :wink: :smiley: My husband can’t figure out what all the hub-bub is about!


My ex didn’t ever watch sports at all, not a sports fan in any way.

I’ve got to say though, that I have many fond memories of my dad watching football or baseball on the TV and getting all worked up about it. I used to love to watch games with him just because he was so enthusiastic.

I guess it could be kind of irritating if somebody was seriously getting angry and losing perspective. Other than that, I think it is kind of sweet. I’m sure most men though would not appreciate that description.


That’s what they WANT YOU TO THINK…


Um…:o :o that would be me. My df says I talk/lecture/yell so much at the characters that he can’t even watch or hear what is going on.

Horror movies bring out the worst in me. I start arguing and yelling at the really stupid people who are about to be killed.


Yep, I am a tv yeller too. And yeah, the horror thing. Like when a soon to be stupid victim goes in a dark basement alone, after hearing noises…armed with only a candle because the lights went out, calling… “Mr. Fluffy? Is that you?” or when a monster is out lurking and a scared group of people decide to split up maybe one will bring help quicker…I yell…YOU STUPID DUMB #%$!!! U DESERVE TO BE NEXT!!! Like they can really hear me! LOL


Ok - maybe not my DH, but we have a very good friend who is an insane Notre Dame football fan. He has been known to scream at the tv until the veins pop out in his neck - especially when they are playing USC. It’s not a pretty sight. :eek:

I’m the one who will talk and yell at the tv during movies too - and I’m a better critic than Simon Cowell when it comes to American Idol - they are SOOO glad they can’t hear me!!! :o



We don’t have regular TV in our house, just video/dvds but hubby does yell at his playstation and insists the thing is cheating. :stuck_out_tongue: He plays it in our bedroom which I usually enjoy -I like kind of falling asleep to it except when he isn’t doing well he’ll suddenly yell out "OH COME ON!!! WHAT A BUNCH (BLEEP)! Etc…


I yell at the TV when the Sox are playing. I yell when Terry puts in Tavarez. I yell when a routine play gets bungled, and I REALLY yell when the Sox are playing the yanks in a playoff game.


Heheh… Yep! And you know what I noticed? Men go on and on about how dramatic we are. (For instance, my DH makes fun of me for watching Dr. Phil.) Have you noticed how dramatic these sports are? It’s like there’s nothing more important! LOL


Well, can you blame him when it comes to the USC game? :smiley:


He not only yells at sports’ event, but interjects directly to anybody on TV, from Cal Thomas and Neil Cavuto to the local news guy. He’s even held conversations with Mother Angelica and Father Corapi- unknown to them, as they were on tape. :wink:

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