Ladies: Hormones and Emotions


As a new cycle-tracker, I have realised that my once a cycle transformation into a Beast rather than my normal Pumpkin is caused by progesterone, I think… And this has been bothering me. Being cranky because of lack of sleep, or not eating correctly, that’s fine. Those are things that are mostly under my control, and it’s usually my own fault if I’m lacking in those areas.
I have always thought that in life, even though we can’t always control in the way of our circumstances, we can always control how we react to them by making the best we can, offering it up to God, and doing our best to be cheerful, etc. But then suddenly I hit this point in my cycle and I turn into a recluse for a week or so because I don’t want to be tempted to bite anyone’s head off, and my poor bf gets the brunt of it. He has figured out, after 2 years of courtship, that I just get like that once a cycle. I get sort of but not really depressed, really negative and angry and cynical and b*tchy, for lack of a better word. I flipped out at him yesterday for a teensy mistake that he made that wasn’t even entirely his fault. God bless him for being the sweetheart he is, he didn’t get mad back at me… Then I swung out of Godzilla-Pumpkinbeast mode, only to realise what I must have sounded like, etc… I don’t even want to know what dealing with pregnancy hormones would be like!!! :eek:

I guess I’m just wondering how you other ladies deal with being a big bag of hormones somedays, and feeling like you can’t control yourself. I don’t want to be a Beast, but when I am, it honestly seems like the most logical course of action to me… I did try taking a walk last time, to try and cool down, but it didn’t help, I still blew up. And I have a bad knee, so I just ended up regretting the walk entirely in the end… >< So, any suggestions?


First off… It’s very normal to have hormonal moments during your cycle… hence all the PMS jokes that exist in the world, LOL!

The trick is to find out what helps… obviously the walk didn’t help you out… but maybe something else would. Take an ibuprofen, bubble bath, have a glass of wine, extra piece of chocolate, do your nails, go on a run… whatever… find that one thing that helps YOU get through your moment.
Personally… I need exercise (I go running or workout at the gym)… then a nice little glass of wine in the evenings.

Another thing… talk about it with your BF! Let him know you’re cranky and you really don’t want to lash out… sometimes a simple “heads up” to the guy will be enough for him to be aware about making any comments that may set you off.

I personally get weepy when it’s “that time” of the month… I’ll cry at the drop of a hat… or I’ll snap at my kids way too quickly. Immediately my husband will say “Oh… is it that time?” and he’ll give me a hug and a piece of chocolate! :smiley: (he’s good :wink: ), followed by saying “now cut it out!” :rolleyes: (boys will be boys).
But, it does help me get through the moment… so maybe find the things that help you!

Hope that helps!


The biggest thing for me was realizing that the anger and weepiness that I felt was irrational. It was like I could feel it coming and realize that it didn’t make sense for me to blow up at DH or coworker, or whomever. If I understood that I was being stupid, the feelings didn’t go away, but I was able to control my outward response. Does that make any sense?


I stopped taking the bc pill–praise be to God…just one month ago, and feel better. I too had mood swings like you describe…I hated feeling out of control, for lack of a better word…out of control of my emotions and thinking. For me, I became paranoid…and somewhat sad…but, after one month–I’m much better, but I also attribute it to working out more consistently…and taking a multivitamin (in addition to my other once per day multi) made by GNC–It’s called PMS Ultra Mega or something…lots of vitamin B, magnesium, and GLA (a fish oil that helps stabilize women’s hormones)

Give that complex a try–not just from GNC…other drug stores even sell it…it just might help give u some balance. Sorry you’re going through that!:hug1: It’s no doubt a real bummer at times.


I can literally feel my hormones change… like an ocean tide sweeping over me. I call it my “descent into madness.” It has worsened with age.

I purchased progesterone cream from a women-to-women web site, which promised that progesterone would balance everything out. To my disappointment, it thrust me into 3 solid weeks of PMS! :frowning: So now I try to just survive it… pray alot for God to keep his hand over my mouth… and realize nothing I’m feeling at the time is permanent or even rational, and “this too shall pass.”

My husband, God love him, is patient and as steady as a rock. After all these years of marriage, he knows to just ride out the storm and take no offense at anything I may do or say. He is my best friend and pulls me out of the abyss.

Then, miraculously, two weeks later, I am a new women- loving life, feeling sexy and confident, happy-go-lucky. Go figure! My GYN always and forever is trying to put me on the pill to even out my cycles… to make me more balanced. But to me that translates into one long cycle of “blah.” I won’t trade the ups and downs of being a woman, because the ups are wonderful! I may try the vitamins suggested though, and I am sure a little more exercise can’t hurt! Chocolate, of course- that’s just a given! :wink:

Blessings to All! Judie


My husband thinks that the way I behave in the middle of my cycle, when I am fertile, way outweighs any moodiness at other times. I am usually all over him…if you catch my drift. Not very useful advice for a couple who is not yet married, I know, nor for one trying to prevent pregnancy. But he has really come to appreciate the benefits that come from living with a “natural woman.” And to accept that those come with certain drawbacks.

I have learned over the years that while it is healthy to accept my failings and pray for help, I also, no matter how bad I feel, have a choice about how I act. Question: at the same time of the month, when you are snappy with BF, do you do the same with your boss? Or does your internal governer realize that there are places this behavior will cost you more, and so keeps your tongue under wraps a little better? We tend to relax around our family members, which we should, but if we are using that as an excuse to treat them badly, then maybe we need to relax a little less. I am not perfect, of course, but I have learned how to just shut myself up sometimes in the name of family peace, especially when I feel that little beast inside myself. I know just how it feels. You get up one day and you just feel like you WANT to be angry, like you are a trap whose spring is just about to let go from the tension.

So it may be that you just have to learn how to perform a little act of will upon yourself. I know, sucks, doesn’t it…:frowning:


Just recognizing it is the main thing. Knowing that it is coming lets you be able to deal with it. Also–give warning! :wink: I tell hubby “I’m hormonal, so ignore any crying or yelling today, I really do love you, but I can’t help it sometimes!” That makes a big difference. He understands, and he does try to ignore the sudden onset of tears or the over-reactions.

Other than that, just try to stay as healthy as you can in other ways–get enough rest, drink enough water, eat healthy foods, exercise a little. I know that lack of sleep or hunger makes it worse for me. Now that you are charting, you can start trying to find any connections like that and try to control the outside influences that may be affecting you as well. If possible, schedule lightly for that week. Don’t tackle a huge project or book yourself solid with no breaks if you can help it. Make sure you have some ‘me’ time to relax and do something nice for yourself like a massage or pedicure. I hope you can figure out a coping method that works for you. :slight_smile:


Hormones? Oh yeah. I’m currently in the “leave me alone and let me eat Ruffles in peace” phase of my cycle. Today it was accompanied by insomnia, cramping, a nasty headache for most of the afternoon, hot flashes, nausea (AM), and an irrational stressed-out feeling. Apparently I looked so frazzled that my advisor, who 1) usually doesn’t pay a ton of attention to such things, and 2) had enough on his plate as his wife had totaled her car that morning, actually stopped me to ask if I was okay, because I didn’t look like I was. :confused:

It hasn’t been all bad, though. I haven’t bloated up as much this month, so I allowed myself to go to Jimmy John’s for lunch and get a big sub with salty Italian deli meats and cheese. Very good for PMS. :thumbsup:


I have been eating ground flax (1/4 cup) almost every day for several years. Also I have taken micronized progesterone for about 8 years after ovulation. Both have helped quite a bit to manage the hormonal swings:thumbsup: . Several of my sisters and I have estrogen dominance and this seems to help. However now that I am in the later 40’s I am finding more a few bad days showing up again:eek: . Also some severe headaches.


I understand also. I get this way also and never use to until I hit my 40’s. I don’t mean to yell at my dh or dd, but can’t help it at times. I feel out of control at times. My dd, who is 8, will say, “Mommy, when you got angry at me and yelled… Can I ask you a question since you are now calm?” I say, “What, sweetie?” And she will ask, "Is your period coming or do you have it? :eek: I just can hear my dh’s laughter and saying outloud, “…it’s coming!”

Now, I know I am not alone or going crazy.


I get really bad for about one or two days. about two weeks before bleeding.
Sometimes i want to cry all day & feel hopeless& depressed. othertimes i can’t stand being around anyone.
i think its gotten worse as i have gotten older. I try to keep my mouth shut & not snapp at people.


I can’t believe we are all the way to post 11 and someone hasn’t recommended the book, Fertility, Cycles, and Nutrition, by Marilyn Shannon.

Pumpkinbeast: Get thee to vitamin B6.

Otherwise I second what others have said here. My hormonal craziness during this pregnancy has been much easier to bear since DH and I sat down and acknowledged that I am just plain NOT ME. We hope I will return soon and both of us are looking forward to it. I told my mom it feels like going through puberty again. It was tough the first time when we didn’t know what was wrong with my estrogen and progesterone back then. At least now we know!

God bless you! :hug3:



I tried it all over the years… some interventions improved some symptoms… but the moodiness/irritability/meanness remained. I believe I have PMDD (yes, I self-diagnose but I am qualified;) ). I am really wicked premenstrually. At the very least, I have severe PMS. Anyway, I am taking progesterone P+3-P+12 and am a new woman. I have not felt this good in years. My DH is extremely supportive and reminds me to take it… I wonder why. :stuck_out_tongue: Of course, progesterone is not a one size fits all solution.

Good luck!


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