Ladies: How does the submission thing work if you're married to a nonCatholic?


As many of you know, I’m currently in a relationship with a non Catholic. I’ve been reading the thread on submission and was wondering how that works if you’re married to a man who isn’t Catholic?


In that case, the wife has to step in as the Spiritual leader of her children. BTDT - and I was never more thankful than the day DH converted :thumbsup:


I ditto this (although I am not yet a mom).

The submission has to be fair. DH is not even Christian (even though he believes he is), but I try to pretend he is Catholic and act as though the sumbission teaching from his religion are the same as the CC’s. When he tries to tell me the wife has to do as the husband says, I don’t mean to laugh, but I have in the past, and I remind him that I warned him before we married that he wasn’t marrying a slave, and even bring out the Bible and the dictionary to make sure he really understands what the book of Ephesians means regarding the submission. Also, now that I have Christopher West’s book Good News About Sex and Marriage, I was finally able to show him what JPII taught about submission. It’s about loving your husband and the husband loving you back, not about obedience to the husband.


I have a not-too-practicing husband. I respect him and am usually pretty nice to him (when my hormones aren’t making me hysterical :smiley: ), but on Sunday mornings I shout at him: “Get up this instant! We’re going to church! NOW!” :smiley:


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