Ladies, i need help


my penance was to do something extra nice for my wife. any ladies have any ideas on what i could do? everything i think of seems lame (cooking for her, washing her car, doing laundry)


The things you mention aren’t lame… they’re nice.

You could also take her out and give her a nice massage afterwards! :slight_smile:


Give her a foot/leg massage at the end of a long day! (Do this even when you don’t need to do penance, too:) )

But there is nothing lame about cooking, washing the launry, cleaning, either!


There is absolutely nothing lame with the ideas you mentioned. If she’s anything like me and the women I know, she would be thrilled to have you do any of those! :thumbsup:


Does she have a favorite food that you could pick up on the way home from work? It’s so sweet when my husband swings by the store, just to get one little thing that I really like (you know, like ice cream). :smiley:


What is something around the house that she has been talking about doing for ages but just can’t seem to get to? Is this something you could do for her?

Would it be possible to get a day or partial day from work and sneak home to tidy the entire house for her, and leave little notes all over like on the mirrors, the freshly made beds, the dishes, etc. telling her that the cleaning angel has been to the house because she is loved. :slight_smile: Let her find all the little notes as she goes around looking at her lovely clean home. (My ex-fiancé did this for me one time when I was out of town on business and I just sat down on the couch and cried it was so sweet!!)

Have fun with this too! Just because it is penance does not mean it has to be a chore! :slight_smile:



I’m no lady, but I feel your pain brother! :crying:

The only thing I know that would not be lame is diamonds…

“I am SO lame!!!”


The things you mentioned don’t sound so lame…BUT…perhaps you could cook dinner one evening and clean up afterwards, maybe serving your wife breakfast in bed with flowers (and cleaning up afterwards - a BIG thing!).
My husband makes coffee every morning for me, and he also does all the grocery shopping for our whole family, AND he washes dishes a lot. All of this is an enormous help for me.
Maybe you could even take on a permanent chore that you do all the time instead of a one-time thing. I know I would appreciate that!:wink:


I don’t know about the other ladies, and I like diamonds as much as the next girl, but for a penance “to do something sweet” - I think the little things noted above are more from the heart, and they say something different than “I have a credit card and know how to use it.”


I would love my husband to run me a nice hot bath and rub my back for me. Put on relaxing music. Light some nice candles about the place and get her a book by her fav author to read in the bath.


Absolutely! Not lame at all :thumbsup:


I’d go back to the priest and ask for three Hail Mary’s and an Our Father. :wink:


You could buy her a card and write her some deep thoughts. I’m sure she would really appreciate it if you put in writing how grateful you are for all the things she does for you every day that you don’t seem to notice. (which I’m sure you do but she probably thinks you don’t)




I love when dh cooks, does laundry, cleans…etc… but I also love when he draws a bubblebath, lights candles, washes my hair and then gives me a full body massage too… or brings flowers and a soda to my work for me… always sparks the “Is he in trouble?” question from the men and the “I wish my husband/boyfriend would bring me flowers” from the women…attention is good…

Spending money on me isn’t even close to the mark… like others, I like diamonds just as much as other women, but I would be mad if he bought me diamonds as a penance, when we have so many other more practical needs.


Are you kidding me? I’d LOVE it if my husband did those things for me!


**Another vote for “not lame”;). But I would take it one step farther and do it with a really humble attitude.

For example…

Honey, I know how hard you work around here and I really appreciate it. I want to help you out. How about if I do the laundry this week? I know I never do it so I don’t want to end up accidentally making more work for you. Is it ok if I provide the manual labor and you just direct?



Great idea!


Ooh, I want my husband to have the same thing as his penance! And, if I could pick what he gave/did for me, I would choose a love letter. I’d love for him to remind me (and himself, in turn) about our courtship days and how excited he was about me (as I was about him, of course) and about how our relationship has grown over the years and the children and how much he loves/appreciates me now.

(Gosh. That was both terribly mushy and terribly-self-centered and needy sounding! :blush: )

But I can’t help it - that’s what I would like, more than any shiny bauble or help around the house*- and I’d honestly treasure it the rest of my life.

**Well, I wouldn’t turn down a folded load of laundry, either, if that’s all you can muster!! * :wink:


Oh my goodness!! I totally agree with the others. Your thoughts are totally NOT lame. I would be absolutely thrilled and very rewarding to my husband if he decided to clean our place, complete some of the home projects he started and did the laundry as a surprise to me. I remember when I had to be away for three weeks, one the nicest things he did for me as a surprise when I came home was to put in a marble floor in our bathroom himself and cleaned the entire place.

A massage and maybe bouquet of flowers, though, is also nice. Another time when he saw how stressed I was about something, he prepared a hot bath, with candles and aromatherapy for me so that I could unwind. Very nice.

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