Ladies I need your help in answering a question


Thank you for reading my post first of all. I was wondering if you could give me something to go on since alot of you are moms and have had your cycles since an early age. Is a woman who has never had children able to be going into an early menapause at the age of 34? I was supposed to have my cycle already on the 3rd or 4th of this month and here it is the 16th and I still dont have it. I am feeling the emotional roller coaster right now. Could it be possible that I am going into an early menopause? I am not pregnant. That I know for sure. Can yall please give me some insight on this? Also pray so that God would help me start my cycle so I am not so much a nervous emotional wreck? Thank you. Georgia.:frowning: :confused: :shrug:


Well, first I urge you to make an appointment with your GYN (gynecologist) to discuss this (or your PCP–primary MD if you have no GYN) in order to get qualified professional medical advice.

Now. . .a late cycle is usually nothing to worry about. Few if any of us are ‘regular’ every single month of our reproductive lives.

Further, at age 34, you could be in ‘perimenopause’. . .and this stage can and does last for years before you enter true menopause. Again, your doctor can enlighten you. Symptoms can be both subtle and infrequent–one ‘late period’ for example and then perfectly regular and normal cycles for years thereafter. There are also lab tests you can take which will show you ‘where’ you are if and when you enter into perimenopause, more or less, by measuring an indication of certain hormonal levels in your body. Perimenopause also can give you ‘that emotional roller coaster’.

So. . .if you’re feeling anxious, see your doctor. He/she can reassure you in the nearly 99% case that this is simply a normal ‘variant’ of your cycle, and if it is the statistically tiny 1% case where it is something other, again will help you with that.

Remember John Paul II–Be not Afraid.


Go to a doctor. There are a zillion things that could be happening – of which you are probably aware if you are searching on the internet for “why” – many of which may scare you needlessly. The doctor will check and tell you REALLY why you are having these symptoms and, if he or she is good, educate and treat you appropriately.

Early menopause is certainly possible and should be properly diagnosed. There are certain medical issues that MAY (not always, but sometimes) accompany an early menopause and your doctor is best to advise you.

Certainly, I’m NOT the best to advise anyone – I was regular as clockwork for over 40 years and then just stopped. At 54 years old I called my mum and said “I have good news, I’m not pregnant.” :eek: "The last time I went 9 months without a period, I had a baby . . . " :smiley:

Good luck. Go see your doctor.


Yes it is possible to be experiencing the onset of menopause at that age.

You will not be sure until you see your GYN.

As another poster said, there are numerous reasons for odd cycles.


as always symptoms related to disturbance of your cycle could be related to imbalance of other hormones as well, thyroid, insulin, so definitely see your doctor.


There is a possibility of an early menopause, but the chances are very small. Usually the reason to be late (besides pregnancy) is anovulation.
Go see your obgyn.


I am 46, no children, never pregnant. I am going through (peri)menopause now. I started my period at 11 years 7 months.

Officially - Menopause is the moment when it has been 1 year since you had a period, Peri-menopause is the time of the changes leading up to that moment, but most people just use menopause for both.

I started at 37 with minor changes to my cycle, some heavier, going from 30 days every time to 29/31 alternating cycles.

At 42-43 I started skipping periods, 1 missed, normal for 8 months, 2 skipped normal for 6 months, etc. I now appear to be on the bi-annual plan; 2 periods per year.

So far, the herbal supplement “Estroven” is working very nicely for the hot flashes. Those range from a “slight glow” to the fear that spontaneous human combustion will take place.

When the changes started, I had to seriously think about what I was going to do about children. I realized that I really have no place for a child in my life and was able to make the decision not to have one and be OK.

I have read that it is not starting young that makes early menopause (but that is one factor), but never being pregnant or having children is a more significant factor contributing to the earlier start of menopause. The most significant factor is genetics.

Ask your mother and paternal grandmother (you have the most of their genes) to see what their age was when they started perimenopause and when they were actually “post-menopause”.

Ask your maternal grandmother and aunts too. Find out what their experiences were. That can give you a better estimate for your timeline.

Remember, just skipping a period doesn’t mean the end. You can be in perimenopause for as long as 10 years before you have your “menopause moment” when you haven’t had a period for one year. Your fertility will delcine but it is still possible to get pregnant

At 34-35 there could be other things happening, so a good checkup with your ob/gyn is in order.

Good luck.


Have you been under a lot of stress? It is not unusual for me to totally skip a month if I’ve been under a lot of stress. This doesn’t occur often; but usually by the next month I’m back on track. So while you could be going through early menopause it could just be your body’s out of whack.


Don’t freak out, that will only make things worse. My doc told me not to worry unless a symptom lasted more than what would be one “normal” cycle. So, following that advice, if “Aunt Flo” hasn’t come to visit by the beginning of next month, then it might be time to call the doctor’s office. Even if you do get your period soon, it would be wise to keep track of it for awhile. If you have always been regular and then start getting crazy-irregular, there might be something else out of balance in your system.

Some people skip periods when they are stressed. I was never so lucky – if I was majorly stressed over something, mine would come early, and sometimes I’d get two in one month! I’m hoping that mess is behind me for good now (I’m 51), but it hasn’t been a year yet, so I can’t officially wave the menopause flag. :wink:

Hang in there! :console:


One thing not mentioned here is that if you are of very small build, or an athlete with little body fat, it is very easy to become amenorrheaic (sp?). This condition causes you to stop mensturating for months at a time. The condition is easily reversed by putting on some body fat/weight and building up a little estrogen.

This happened to me at your age, and I worried about early menopause, too. It took me about 6 months to get back on track.

God bless …


I’ve rarely been very regular. It used to worry me but not anymore.
An egg can be released and then hang out for months, it can be released and the lining not build enough to be noticeable when it comes out, or you can build a lot of lining without eggs released. Eggs and periods aren’t always in perfect sync. So don’t assume you can’t get pregnant right now. Ask your doctor and tell him as much of your history as you remember.


Thank you for your answers … If I dont start my cycle by the first of next month I am getting into the docs office. Yes I have been under alot of stress here lately. So maybe that is to blame. But if I dont have it by the first of this next month I am going in because something has to be done. I feel something is wrong and I will find out then. I may be have to put on that med to jump start my cycle again. That has happened once before. but anyways, please continue to pray that I have my cycle, but not tomorrow as it is my birthday and I feel that would be a crummy way to start my special day. lol Thank you all.


Wishing you a happy birthday, and a cycle starting the next day! :slight_smile:


Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Good News Ladies… I started my cycle last night. Gonna finally feel better nerve wise. Thank you to all who prayed for me.


YAY! :extrahappy: And just in time for your birthday – have a great day, and I hope you don’t have the cramps! :hug3:


Oh I have been having them, nausea and being really tired today. Just hope I can go to feed the turtles tonight at the park like I do every year. I almost feel like just wanting to go to bed and sleeping till the morning time. I am so tired.


If I dont start my cycle by the first of next month I am getting into the docs office


Even though you started your cycle finally, go to the doctor anyway. It’s good to go at least once a year for an exam. Talk to your doctor about what you’ve been through. Maybe there’s something else going on.


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