Ladies in church clothes.

I just want to say, when the dresses are short or the shoulders are showing in mass, the last thing on my mind is the sacrement. Maybe I’m a perve or a stickler, I dont know.
But fellas chime in., Do you ever get distracted when the ladies are a
little " underdressed" ?


i have to ask, have you done a forum search on this topic ?

My question too :stuck_out_tongue:

I think, OP, you’ll find more threads on the subject of modesty on CAF than threads on CAF itself.

The general consensus would be yes though :smiley:

**But fellas chime in., Do you ever get distracted when the ladies are a little “underdressed” ? **

Is the Pope Catholic?

As others have pointed out, this is a “popular” subject around here. I have tried my best to ignore the ladies to the best of my ability. One thing that I do MUCH more today than I did a year or two ago is close my eyes and/or bow my head in prayer, so as to minimize those distractions.

I am improving, but still a work in progress. Maybe if my eyesight continues to get worse, that will help. :shrug:


You mean church clothes still exist?

It is obviously a distraction unless you have become like those whose senses have been desensitized because of continuously being exposed to under-dressed women. You’re neither a pervert nor a stickler; this is a pretty common distraction for men. God created the female body SUCH THAT it would attract men. If it does not attract you, something might actually be wrong with you! So it’s no surprise you are distracted.

I wish more women were aware that this is such a distraction.

Hmm. I started a thread about this after having to sit behind a young woman with a tube top on at Mass earlier this summer. I got flamed and told to mind my own business and then the thread was deleted. So good luck with your question!

PS…to answer you, I am a straight married woman but even I couldn’t focus with that tube top in front of me. I now just grit my teeth and offer it up when I see what people show up wearing. After all, it’s not like we’re in the physical presence of the King of the Whole Universe, or anything. No one to impress or honor here, folks! :cool:

I think bare shoulders are amoung the least of our problems when it comes to inappropriate Mass attire.

Same thing here. That our I contemplate Christ on the Cross.

Now if I could just figure out a way to stopper my ears when the band starts to perform I might actually be able to pray without distractions. :smiley:

OP - be prepared for a thousand posting in reference to Matthew 7:5 about pointing out the speck in others eyes while there is a plank in your eye (their polite way of saying mind your own business).

Indeed. Discussions like this have made me paranoid as of late. I have begun to panic about how to dress for mass. I had no idea it was possible to be ashamed of my upper arms and the round part of my shoulder that peeks out so disgustingly from my sleeveless dresses. I live in a subtropical climate, and sleeveless clothes are the norm for the summer. Now, however, my husband has to force me to calm down and just get dressed and stop worrying about shoulders. I really don’t know why I read these threads. I need to stop punishing myself and just stay far away from modesty debates.

Men say women need to understand what the sight of their bodies does to them. I say that men need to understand the body shame issues that are triggered by these modesty discussions.


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