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i got a shot that stops my period is this ok or a sin


t is a sin if these shots are a method of birth control and you are married. It is a double sin if these shots are a method of birth control and you are not married but are having sex with a boyfriend. If these shots are not for birth control but to treat some other medical problem, you should be ok, see your priest if you are not sure.


I agree with the previous post. If it’s for a medical reason other than prevention of pregnancy it should be ok.


Are you referring to Depo-Provera? Why did you have the procedure?


If you got the shot for the primary purpose of avoiding pregnancy, that was wrong. If you got the shot for another medical purpose, with infertility or possible infertility as a side-effect, that is permissble. It does not matter if the side-effect is welcome or not. All that matters is that you decided in favor of the shot because it was needed for a purpose that was other than avoiding pregnancy.

For instance, if you had heavy bleeding and the doctor prescribed this to address that issue, it is permissible to choose what your doctor considers the best treatment for the problem, even if infertility is a possible side-effect.

This is different than choosing a treatment that would end a pregnancy already in progress. In that case, the life of both the child and the mother have to be favored over other treatments. When there is already a pregnancy, you can neither kill the mother to save the child nor kill the child in order to save the mother. One or the other might be put at some risk as an unintended side effect, but you can't directly kill one for the sake of the other.



How do YOU feel about it? It should be between you and God and your doctor.



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How do YOU feel about it? It should be between you and God and your doctor.



Obviously she has mixed feelings about it which is why she's questioning her decision.

In answer, it completely depends on your reasons for doing this. If its simply because you don't want to deal with your period for no other reason than just its annoying, than I'd consider that a pretty fickle reason for doing it, and would be rather problematic if you got married or are married and are having sex. Overall though, you didn't give enough data to make a moral judgment on your decision.


I personally wouldn't do it.

Not to hijack your thread or anything, but a couple months ago I had a similar thread about crazy murder-scene like periods, pain, etc. I have been going to the doctor the past couple months and I am constantly told that I need to be on hormones. When I state my concerns-- and I mean, on the darn patient intake sheet I wrote CATHOLIC-- I am looked at as if I am stupid and possibly too young to make these decisions for myself.

One of the problems I have with reproductive medicine is that many of these 'treaments' are simply maskers of the real problem. I have PCOS and have even been told straight out by a gynecologist that taking the hormonal contraception pill won't actually treat the problem, but just take care of the symptoms. It's either that, or getting the insides of my uterus scraped out, or having my entire uterus taken out. Not a single doctor has told me how to treat the symptoms so I can manage them effectively, without saying that I have to be on hormones.

There is no reason to completely do away with your period. I personally am going to start hunting for an NFP doctor because I really don't want to take in tons of hormones.


I would never take that shot. I've read horrible side effects, etc. I'd rather bleed horribly every month, which I do, rather than take that shot. I had a cousin who took it for years. She gained over 50 pounds and now can not get pregnant. Go figure.

Bad stuff.

Of course, we are not suppose to give medical advice. But again, this is bad stuff.


I think the risks need to be weighed against any benefits when it comes to these things. The idea of pumping tons of synthetic hormones into one's body should seem strange when you are of childbearing age and don't have issues like osteoporosis to deal with, and are under the age of 50.


My daughter had horrible menstrual cramps and the doctors tried to put her on the pill. She refused. She was very into nutrition, read a lot about nutrition, and quit eating red meat and sugar. . And ate lots of fruits and vegetables. She says the cramps went away. it is certainly worth a try.


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