Ladies! Specific Help with Modest Clothing


I am trying to improve the modest factor in my wardrobe, and it’s been hard to find the time to shop.

I would like to find tank tops that are higher on the chest. Some strappy tanks and wider-strapped tanks are so low, and being larger chested doesn’t help! :wink: (Of course, the tank tops are for layering, not for wearing by themselves.)

Do you have a specific brand to recommend?

I sure would like to look cute but just a little more modest; so, if you have recommendations beyond tank tops, feel free to share.

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I sometimes will wear a plain white fitted tee (from Old Navy or Gap) underneath sweaters or other tops that are low-cut. Especially as we’re heading into fall and winter, you can’t really tell that it’s a tee (vs. a tank or cami).

As far as tanks go, I think a lot depends on your body type. I often wear camisoles from Kohls–they have both plain ones and ones with lace around the edges. I like them because they are longer so I don’t need to worry about them riding up or down, and they have pretty good coverage for camisoles. I’m so used to wearing them that I wear them under all of my tops, even the ones that don’t need additional coverage up top.


A favorite Line:

It’s one of the companies that you can buy from at a party. But you can find pcs. on e-bay. And if you live in certain areas, they have outlet stores… Pretty, stylish, conservative but not marmy and boring!


For layering I usually wear a white t-shirt instead of a tank-top because it can be hard to find one that isn't cut too low.
Staying out of the junior's section might give you a better chance at modest clothing. Clothes meant for teens are usually tighter and more low-cut than ones meant for adult women.


There is a store called Buckle . They have tank tops that come up much higher and are also extra long. I don’t buy anything else there because its really not in my budget but my teen daughter is bigger chested and regular tank tops would not do the trick. The tanks I get are about $12 to $14 ea. Generally more than I would spend but they are great.


You know, I think you can find modest clothing at any store to be honest. All stores have skimy clothes with a mixture of modest clothes. Just depends on where you look. What sort of brands are you into? Generic brands or name-brands? Also i think age helps too. Girls who are younger tend to shop at Aero, A&E, A&F…

OH! you know a store that is great for ALL ages and ANY occasion is maurices!
I LOVE that store!! :smiley:


I understand how it can be with some of the tank tops - I have found that layering the tanks with see-through tops or the shawls/ponchos will keep it modest but also cool in the summer. Thats at least how I handled it when I was living in the Keys. Now that I am up in New Hampshire I am throwing on every warm piece of clothing I can find.


I was at the keys earlier this year. I love it there! you were very lucky you got to live there. I’m stuck up here in Wisconsin for the next 2 years.


I would love to recommend these for you! I had such a difficult time finding tanks with a higher neckline. Now these are also body shapers, so if you get them order a size up, and they will be a teensy snug, since they are shapers. And QVC has a great return policy., item # A67159. Numerous colors. $21 each


I loved my home except for the memories of my ex husband and my marriage and the abuse. It is what it is.


I use tank tops for layering too (not by themselves). Here are some that go higher on the chest and lower at the waist. Note: If you are 5’3" like me, the lace trim camis may be TOO long for your torso, but the plain ones are ok.

But when I google the name on the label of the camis I bought at a party from sukura rose (web site shown above), I get this link. I think it’s the same top, just different distributors?

Note: On me, the tank looks higher than it does on the model in the second link, I think she must be tall. Again, I wouldn’t wear strappy tank tops by themselves, but I use them for layering.


I get all my tops at Target, they’re short sleeved, without straps, but they work well under almost everything. Here is one on Amazon. I get them in white, black, navy, and they’re usually around $6. Actually the ones I get usually have a slightly higher neckline.


I’ve heard of wearing some tanks backwards to provide more coverage in the front. Your mileage may vary, but that may be an option for using what you already have until you find what you’re really looking for.

For wearing with your casual clothes, maybe you could try the plain cotton tanks found in the regular packaged undies section at Walmart or Target.


I buy most of my clothes on-line, and find LL Bean and Landsend to have great, modest clothes. They even use the word “modest” in their swimsuit ads! I like the layering ideas that I have heard here, too. They show that it is possible to dress modestly and still be in style. I don’t think that we women attract many people to Christ by dressing in a manner that is considered weird!


Boy, you ladies are great! Thanks for all the good recommendations.

Old Navy and Gap- fitted white tees, probably good for a nicer quality tee
Walmart/Target- for packs of tees, good for everyday wear
Kohl's- longer tanks, some lacy edges
Buckle- longer, higher tanks, good for bigger busts

And others! :)

I totally tried the turnaround-your-current-tank suggestion, and I loved it! It's worked better for darker colors for me. (I think the printed tag might show through in the front on my white tank.) I cannot tell you how much more comfortable I was wearing my shirt that way. Now, that I am more concerned about modest dress, it is such a comfort to cover up. You can be cute and covered!

Sorry it took me so long to reply. I'm sure I'll be back with more questions later.


This is a great website that sells not only tees and tanks to be worn underneath blouses/tops that might be too low-cut, but they also sell blouses and tops themselves that are modest.

God bless you!


There are a number of stores, and online sites that cater to the Mormons, & they carry lovely and very modest clothes of all kinds. They have wonderful tanks & teeshirts. There is a whole section of sites listed for Mormons (LDS) at:

The name of the line of stores I am familiar with, is "Great Lengths". (Not surprisingly, they live up to their name by carrying slightly longer versions of cute skirts, & shorts, and LOTS of capri pants).
When you check the Modest Clothes site, be sure to look for "Molly's", which carry tops for layering, which are especially made to wear as layers. They even have one that is made just long enough to cover a bra, but which fills in the neck of other clothes.
Really, the LDS have all but cornered the market on feminine, fashionable, yet modest clothing.


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