What signs can a woman give that she is romantically** interested** in another man?


Ever try eye contact + a smile?


Look him in the eyes.



Invite him to church with you - this will also tell YOU a lot about HIM…:wink:


Try giving your present man the cold shoulder, say lots of nice things about “another man”, and then pick a fight with him. Works like a charm.

Whatever you do, don’t just come right out and be honest with him.


She will give signs of furthering communication…or she might smile a lot…just a genuine display of being happy to be around that person. I think that’s how I was around my husband…had a genuine happiness about me.


Why would anyone want to do this? If you are in a dating relationship and wish to date someone else then simply end the current relationship. Life is complicated enough without people playing head games. Is personal honor just something that doesn’t exist anymore?






are you asking what signs a woman can use to let a man know that she isn’t interested in him but is instead interested in someone else/

just tell the guy that you don’t have those type of feelings for him.

if you are asking how to attract the guy, well, eye contact with a smile helps.

when i was a teenager i carried a bracelet with a difficult clasp to close with me. i would walk up to the guy and ask his help in fastening it. that would give me an excuse to start talking with him without seeming to be too forward. of course, i was a shy teenager, so i don’t know how this would work for most women.


Did I read it wrong?

What signs can a woman give that she is romantically** interested** in ***another ***man?


omg–I totally didn’t get this question. LOL:p

Scratch my answer…think I’m sleepy.:blush:




There HAS to be more than just that as if that is true then I would have more wives than a Sultan Prince!!


You do mean giving signs to the man you are interested in, right? Not that you’re with someone and want to tell him you’re interested in “another man.” I think someone had that confused.

Personally, I believe that you can’t become romantically involved with anyone unless you can become friends with him/her first. Then after you are friends you may be at the point to express that you want the relationship to go further. I don’t know what to suggest to you on that… But going from being an acquaintance to having a romantic relationship is missing a step. You should be comfortable enough with the person and know him well enough to tell him how you feel.


what!!! i am dense, what did i write wrong?

i’ve been married nearly 18 years and i’ve known my hubby for twenty. the last time i tried to attract a guy i was under twenty-one. it has been a long, long time since i tried to attract a guy.

the first time i met my husband he thumb wrestled me for a kiss. but i am not suggesting that the op use this approach.:stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t understand the thread. lol

If you want to know if a woman is interested, my post stands…but, I’m not sure if you’re asking that. :shrug:


now i am utterly confused. isn’t the op a young girl? i don’t know why but i assumed maybe an older teenager here. am i wrong?:blush:

for goodness sakes, will you people give me more info in these posts. i am sometimes not the brightest person.

is a guy asking how he could tell if the woman is interested?

my head is beginning to hurt.:o


If I remember correctly the OP is a man.

To the OP, I think someone smiling at you probably isn’t much of a sign. I smile at practically everyone.

I think additional signs might be if she laughs at your jokes and seems to give you her full attention when you talk to her. If seems very interested in discussing a mundane topic, well that is a really good sign.



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