Lady Comp and NFP


Hey, My wife and I had our second daughter 4 months ago and she is pumping and we are feeding by bottle. We are in that wait for oyur cycle to start up mode and have purchased a lady comp. We are under the impressison that you cannot used it while breastfeeding. Has anyone used this product… What are your impressions?


I’d contact someone trained in the Marquette model of NFP. Marquette uses an ovulation predictor, I think it’s Lady Comp-- in their method instructions.

Marquette originated at the Marquette University school of nursing, so contact them to start.


I have a Lady Comp and have been very satisfied with it, but the directions do say you should wait until your cycles start up again to use it. I am pregnant right now and am wondering too, what I will do once I have the baby. This is one of those places where NFP can be so frustrating…it seems least easy to use when you most need it. I will be watching my mucus very closely, but I have not been formally trained in any method besides a VERY basic intro to Billings in high school. And as I have gone as long as 17 months postpartum without menstruating…that could be a long wait for me to use my LadyComp again! But the reason for that was extended nursing, which suppressed my fertility…it can get to be a sticky wicket.

However, if baby has unrestricted access to the breast day and night and has not started solids or any other supplemental nourishment like juices, then in the first 6 months, you have better than 99% protection from pregnancy anyway. Check out for more info on this, which is called the Lactational Amenhorrea Method. You MUST practice “ecological breastfeeding” to get this level of protection, the definition of which can also be found at


Marquetter Model uses the Clearblue Fertility Monitor AKA the Clearplan Fertility Monitor. The MM can be used while breastfeeding.


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