Lady Gaga says Pope is irrelevant







An over-rated lounge singer says the pope is irrelevant? ;) Tehehe....


Wow. i had no idea she used to be a convent pupil.

And it doesn’t surprise me that she thinks this way. Many people and their consciences are dying. :frowning:


PSY does not approve of her idiocy. :smiley:
Oh, and here’s something for Lady Gaga. :smiley:


...and yet, in 10 years there will be a Pope but no Lady Ga-Ga.


This from someone who wears dresses made of actual slices of beef…Tell me again why I should care one iota about her opinions?:eek::rolleyes:


Well, since Lady GaGa said it. . . . . . .


=Bballer32;9816419]Wow. i had no idea she used to be a convent pupil

convent of the sacred heart , their alumni list is a doozie.


Next, we may see GaGa going for PETA and becoming a card-carrying member.


Long after “Lady Gaga” has faded into obscurity, the legacy of Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger/ Pope Benedict XVI- particularly in his writings such as Jesus of Nazareth, Mary the Church at the Source, Verbum Domini and Caritas in Veritate- just to name a few- will continue as part of the great legacy of brilliant theological work in the Catholic faith.


I know that somebody is irrelevant, but it isn’t our Pope.


What a waste of a news story. Liberal celebrity doesn’t care what the Pope says. And…?


:rotfl: That is my new favorite picture. :slight_smile:




That pic is perfect for Lady Gaga and her more rabid fans. :slight_smile:


If she does that, she’ll have to ditch the meat dress.

The only PETA I’d ever consider becoming a member of is People Eating Tasty Animals.


Knowing her, she will probably do that.

Same here. :slight_smile:


The Rock versus the “rock star”. :smiley:

The only sane answer i can think of is that she`s a silly, misguided little girl whose soul is in mortal danger; so she desperately needs our prayers. :shrug:

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