Lady Gaga's Music

Yes, this is my third thread related to Lady Gaga :blush: Hopefully, this will be my last on her, though.

Anyways, since Lady Gaga is pro-gay, pro-abortion, am I obligated to not buy her music (that isn’t offensive in any way to God)? I think she does donate to pro-abortion groups…

If it’s sinful to buy her music, is it sinful to listen to her music on the radio, etc? What about watching interviews? Is anything to do with Lady Gaga sinful?

Sorry, for some reason, I’m just confused. Thanks for putting up with me :wink:

If you really feel worried about it, you could always buy a used CD. It contributes nothing to her. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm, tough question…Well, I feel that’s your choice. Normally I don’t here her in her music talking about how progay she is or abortionist so I think your ok BUT- Do you think God would want you listening to that? Its all based on opinion

Agree, agree, ah, let God tell you what is right and what you should not do it. . .
May God bless you. . . Amen

I think it’s just a matter of choice. I had a friend burn me a copy of her cd from one she had purchased. of course, that’s just because I’m too cheap to go out and buy an album these days… :slight_smile:
My mind isn’t made up on Gaga just yet. I don’t find her too offensive and do enjoy her music. I had some qualms about listening to her newest song, “Judas”, but have heard it, and am ok with it now. I don’t know-she’s one of those people that you either like or not. there’s no middle ground. But in my opinion, she’s pretty harmless and if you feel like you shouldn’t buy her album, maybe have a friend burn you a copy…

Um…do you not realise this is wrong? It’s theft.

It may be easy to do and lots of people do it, but it is piracy/theft. Gaga and her record company have a right to income from people listening to her music, and you have an obligation to pay for it. If you don’t want to pay because of where the money ends up, then you shouldn’t play her CDs (bought or copied). Radio is different because the station pays to play the music, so listen to her all you wont on radio.

You are right- it is theft…it’s just so easy sometimes that I don’t think about it. I don’t get brned copies anymore from friends…I buy songs online and then burn them myself for myself…For me, it’s not worth buying complete albums anymore if you can purchase the ones you like online.

Yeah, I buy all of my music as singles online now. Haven’t bought a CD or an album in a loooong time.

That’s right, just tell them what they want to hear. It’s not worth having the thread get derailed over this dead horse of an argument. :wink:

Question. Do you like Disney. Do you like proctor and gamble?

Maybe you should just listen to these guys instead.

Would you vote for a pro-abortion representative or senator?

Would you donate money to Planned Parenthood?

Would you march in a gay rights parade?

I believe that we all have to live up to our moral codes, making every effort to do so in increasing areas of our lives. By buying LG’s CDs, you are giving tacit agreement to someone who is very vocal in her views. Those views are contrary to Catholic teaching. This acceptance of the grotesque and immoral that comes out of the entertainment industry is a road that has led from the 50’s ban on showing a married couple in the same bed, fully clothed in pajamas, to the Queer as Folk and Sex in the City bed romps of the present day.

Don’t slip into the “this little bit won’t hurt” or “everyone else is doing it, why shouldn’t I?” Where you spend your money, time, energy and thoughts IS important, on many levels.

and not to pick on the poster above who said “at first I had a problem with Judas but now I’ve listened to it several times and it doesn’t bother me” or something to that effect: this is an example of blunting your conscience. :slight_smile:

I think the kid on American Idol said it right last night; when she finished “mentoring” him, he said he felt like he needed to kiss his cross - then he kissed the cross around his neck.:slight_smile:

He couldnt carry a tune in a bucket. If it were not for me, He would have failed miserably. How many times does Anyone get to be mentored by ME? The little ungreatful wretch! He should be doing this! :bowdown: See if I ever help out on American Pie hole again! Hmph!

Since my understanding of Jesus is that he probably would have marched in a gay rights parade, yes I would.

As for planned parenthood, I am not sure. Abortion is only a few percent of their whole budget. I don’t hold the Catholic view on birth control. I take a more practical view that prevention of disease and suffering is a moral good. Human nature is such that you will not stamp out adultery by making a proclamation of some sort.

As for the pro-abortion candidate, it would depend on what the options were. If the opponent was someone like Sarah Palin, then yes, for a good candidate in other areas. Politics is about negotiation and compromise. Would you vote for a Gingrich, or someone similar who lives in a moral cesspool, but who opposes abortion, simply because he opposes abortion?

Then I guess I would wonder why you are even asking us on about LG’s music.

I’m not. I am not the OP.

What’s not to like about touching songs about “Home, Sweet Home”? :stuck_out_tongue:

pro-abortion? come on, seriously people…

I think some of you might vote for Hitler, just so long as he was pro-life.

Whatever gives you the idea that Jesus would have MARCHED in a gay rights parade? Jesus loves all people the same, no matter what, but He would tell gays to “sin no more”.

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