Can anyone tell me a little more about this? My husband and I use the Creighton Method, which we trust, but it is hard. Is there any advantage to using something like this on top of it?


Hi Bookgirl,

There was another thread about this recently:

Hope this will give you some of the info that you’re looking for :slight_smile:


We use the Lady Comp and it has been reliable for about a year. Regular NFP was hard for us and while no system can be “accurate” it is pretty good.



I’ve had mine for 4-5 months. I am still BFing, but have returned to normal cycles. So far so good.

I have 3 toddlers at home and I knew any charts I attempted would be found, taken, and colored with crayons every other day by the little ones. When I found the LadyComp I knew it was for me. After the initial shock, I no longer flinch thinking about the $ it cost–it was worth it to me.

It has an alarm to wake you up to take a temp. It works on rechargeable battery or by plugging into the wall. Looks like a weird alarm clock.

The device lets you scroll through your past info and look at months and months of previous temperatures.

I almost never get “yellow” days, just green or red. This makes life quite easy, no analyzing, no guessing, no wondering. DH asks, “Are you green?” I push a button and immediately know. It’s gotten to be a funny inside joke between us.

I am NFP illiterate and would still love to take a NFP course if one came our way–I’d feel more confortable with some sort of cross-checking. But if this little device lets us catch our breath between kids, I’ll shout its praises from the rooftop. Wish I could give you a better idea on long-term accuracy, but as far as convenience–it’s great.


I already do NFP, but I’m wondering if it would give me extra peace of mind. I got a pulmonary embolism after my first baby (honeymoon baby), and so it’s going to be a stressful ride next time (as if it’s already not normally anyway). Plus, afterwards, I’ll be on blood thinners, so it’s very important not to get pregnant then, and we’d like to do something other than completely abstain for six months, which is what we did. I can’t breast feed on the blood thinners, so that at least helped my cycles come back. (Didn’t help me lose any weight though :rolleyes: ).


Yeah, I saw that you use Creighton. Like I said, I’m pretty NFP illiterate, so I can only speak for the convenience aspect of it.

Sorry I couldn’t be more help!

I wish you the best :slight_smile:


You were help!


Bookgirl, I’m right here with you. I have looked Lady Comp up on different websites. The one for the original company has testimonies from about 7 years ago. Of course I’m skeptical about the reliability of reviews on the manufacturer’s website. I did notice a few on Amazon. They were mostly from a few months of use. One was after 5 years of use. That was helpful. I also tried to search for consumer complaints or negative reviews. I couldn’t find anything. Sorry I don’t have the websites listed. Just google Lady Comp. You’ll see some websites come up.


I think my DH is going to get me the Pearly. Anyone heard anything about those? Seems to me it’s just a slightly scaled down version of the lady/baby comp.


First, congrats on the baby. That must be so exciting.

Yes, I thnk you are right that the Pearly is a scaled down LC. It seems to have the important things for less money. The thing about LC that makes me want it more, is that it has the built int alarm and plugs into the wall. It just seems more convenient to me that way. And I’m looking for the most ease of use here.

I think with the Pearly you have to replace batteries too.


Yeah, it has a lithium battery that needs to be replaced by the manufacturer.

I just hope it will work well with postpartum fertility and PCOS.


You have to include us among those people who’ve been using the LadyComp for only a few months. :slight_smile: Just to get a feel for the device I’ve still been charting manually… plugging temps into various online ovulation calculators… and generally cross-checking what our little bedside computer tells us.

There have been many days when I’ve been really impressed with this little machine. You know the electronic 20 questions game that makes you ask “How does it know?” Yeah… I find myself doing that quite often with our LC. For example - this past cycle… after two solid regular and very easy to read cycles… Absolutely nothing out of the ordinary that “I” could detect… My little computer threw a yellow light at me the day after my period - and then red lights for the last 20 days since… My own charting has revealed a very irregular pattern this month since that initial yellow light… But the LC threw up the caution light long BEFORE I would have ever known something was up.

I don’t think it will be much longer before I stop cross-checking and learn to trust the computer all by itself. As far as NFP goes - the LC definitely errs on the side of caution - probably more than I ever did on my own. I also like -how- the temperature is taken… the strange temperature probe has mostly solved any previous problems I had with falling asleep mid-temperature reading and finding the thermometer on the floor an hour later – with no reading for the day. :slight_smile: Maybe that’s just me.

But it wakes me up in the morning… (and my husband too) And beeps at me until I put the probe in my mouth… If it’s not situated in my mouth properly it will basically pester me until it’s right… Then it beeps at me to tell me I’m free to pass out again. I like that part.

For the record, my youngest is six months old… and the LC accurately predicted the return of my cycle post-partum - which both I and my OB thought was pretty impressive as neither of us were expecting it.

Again though - as far as accuracy is concerned… I think this particular cycle for me has clinched it… On my own I would have never known days in advance that my cycle was going to be off-kilter… And though it’s true that the LC didn’t “KNOW” it either… It turned out to be way more cautious than I would have been on my own – exactly what I need. I mean, sure, 20 days of red lights is a long time – but careful is good!

One side note – I would not recommend purchasing directly from “Natural Methods” at the Lady-comp website. The website promised shipping within 24 hours… It took over one month (and about a dozen unanswered emails and phone calls) to finally get our machine. We have since been told that the other distributors on the net have better customer service. If only we had known.


Just want to send a warning out about the LadyComp. Almost 2 weeks ago it detected ovulation and gave me green lights shortly thereafter. Well, I think it was wrong. From my charting, I believe ovulation happened a few days ago based on temperatures/mucus/cervical observations I am used to seeing when I ovulate. Now I am at risk for an unplanned pregnancy. :frowning: I’ll keep you all updated.


Oh gee SR I’m sorry. From your previous posts I didn’t realize you were already using the LC – thought you were simply considering purchasing a Pearly. Have you been using the LC throughout the post-partum period? I’m so surprised it so readily gave you any green lights during your startup period! Hugs!

Oh wait - I’m being stupid… You were 3 1/2 months post when you posted in April… It’s already July… I was abducted by aliens and lost a couple months!!! :open_mouth:


Ladycomp is awesome.


I can say with 100% certainty that the ladycomp inaccurately detected ovulation. I’m getting rid of it.


I can say with 100% certainty that the ladycomp inaccurately detected ovulation. I’m getting rid of it.


Well, I sure hope it’s generally accurate (sorry, SR!) as it was one of my wedding gifts to my younger daughter who just married. She has been charting for several months, but is quite irregular, and has already had laparoscopic surgery for endometriosis; she also has ADHD, and we figured this would help keep her on track.

I did order from Natural Methods and was also disappointed with customer service; it took WAY too long to be delivered, and I had the sense that “customer service” was one lady working out of her house! I’d look to other sources for it.


Hi all,

Sorry to hear it didn’t work out for you StratusRose…

But I have to report that my wife and I have been very pleased with it. We used it for about 5 years and stuck to it faithfully, and no surprises. Then, earlier this year when we prayerfully decided it was time for no. 3, we conceived right away. Of course, since we’re in the midst of pregancy, we’re not using it at the moment, but it will be interesting to see how it works through breastfeeding.

I’ve found it to be a great tool, and the expense was well worth it from my perspective. In addition to the red/yellow/green lights, I am also able to see when ovulation is likely to occur (flashing red light) as well as know when her period is likely to start (It is typically very accurate in its predictions now that it has five years of her data).

I will say that our unit seems to be a bit conservative at times, but I’m ok with that.



Oh my goodness! Thank you thank you thank you for this post!

My fiance and I will be married in 5 months from today and want to use NFP. I have been on BCP for medical reasons for years (with the belief that one day it will help me have children with my early signs of endometriosis), but am now thinking that I'd rather deal with my problems than risk getting cancer and other terrible side effects.

I stumbled upon LadyComp today and I honestly could not be more excited.

Now it's just a matter of convincing the husband to be to be on board with the upfront costs (since it is about $300 more than a NFP class offered by the archdiocese).

Thank you thank you thank you! I was so so so confused about this charting until today! God is good, He answers prayers!


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