Laicism in Spain


It´s bad translated but I hope you find useful, reading this news about a catalan parlamentarian of ICV a party that help Zapatero to rule Spain
ICV-EA sees “intolerable the interference” of the Pope and asks Zapatero to review the Concordate with Santa Sede BARCELONA, 25 Ene. (EUROPE PRESS) - The spokesman of ICV-EA in the Parlament, Joan Boada, today considered “the interference of the head of the Catholic Church and the Spanish bishops in the political route of the State and, mainly, in the deprived life of the people intolerable”, and judged “urgent” to review the Concordate with Santa Sede, which implies “to remove the religion from the schools and the public life”. “We will return to insist on which the PSOE and the president of the Government still are braver in these questions”, it said, reason why “the next step” must be the mentioned revision of the Concordato, “that in many aspects lines unconstitutionality”. Boada sees intolerable that that interference “from another State, the Vatican”, and affirmed that “in Spain the values of the laicism predominate”, although “there is religious freedom”. In addition, it said to the ecclesiastical hierarchy that “the Church has the obligation to respect the civil society”. For him, "the scope of the Church is the moral, of the spirituality, and, in a personal view, it accused the Church of “moral crime” to be against the use of the preservative. Joan Boada also asked itself “that she has to do the Pope with the PHN” in reference his speech of yesterday Monday before Spanish bishops --, since “in this case was not blessed water” what the Hidrological plan aproached.

Notes: PSOE is the Zapatero´s party
PHN: National Hidrological Plan: It´s a plan to give water from excedent rivers to the deficient rivers

What do you think, we have the worst left in Europe, the more stalinist left and we are very worried because in the past we had problems for that, greetings


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