Laity response to website of sexual offender priests

I would like to know about the following website:

I see someone’s name that I know and would like to know who started and maintains it.

This was discussed on another thread. Bishop accountability seems to be a website started by a group of people in Massachussettes. It doesn’t seem to have any presence besides the website. As far as I can tell, it’s just a group looking for their fifteen minutes of fame.

BTW, they seem to have divided their interests lately. Besides advocating “Bishop Accountability” they are also campaigning against China’s restrictions on Google. Cause we all know these two causes are so intimately related. :shrug:

It would be a good idea to have a register of sex offender priests. I don’t want a child near these people.

Too bad this isn’t one of them.

You wouldn’t need that because they wouldn’t be acting as priests…not allowed.

Okay…then if they’re not acting as priests, there wouldn’t be a problem with having one. Do you want one of them living in your neighborhood? Or hearing the confession of a child?

There already is a registry of sex offenders. Once the priest is removed from the clerical state, it doesn’t matter if he used to function as a priest. If the goal is to protect children, all offenders on the registry should be viewed as potential dangers, not just the former priests.

What I mean is that there would be no need to have a separate sex offender roster for priest because one already exists for citizens and that should be enough. If one didn’t exist then the bishops could consider making one for the rest. But the truth is we really need to think about the results and if that is sinful for the bishops to do. I don’t know. But it seems rational either way. So then why are the bishops seemingly still covering up things, or is this stuff that happened in previous years and they no longer do this on a wide scale? :shrug:

This is what I was trying to say.

Where have you been?

Sorry, I didn’t read all the previous posts first.

mo problemo

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