Lamentations 3 "The Lord will not reject forever"


I think Lamentations is a beautiful book, and I am interested in how 3:31-32 (“For the Lord will not reject forever. Although he causes grief, he will have compassion according to the abundance of his steadfast love”) can be interpreted. I think it is a promising thought in relation to everyone’s future, poor sinners like me included, that the Lord will not reject forever. It seems to shed some light into the nature of God, whose “steadfast love… never ceases” and whose “mercy never comes to and end”. I find Lamentations 3 very hopeful and encouraging.


Unless someone rejects God forever


The Lord is always willing to show his steadfast love( Hesed in Hebrew).
It only has to be accepted- even until the moment of death He holds His arms to us.


God’s love and mercy are without limit, but the same is true of His justice. So for those who like to take verses like that and try to promote the finite nature of hell, I am sorry to disappoint, but hell is eternal.


No one implied that.


The Book of Lamentations is a collection of five poems written just after the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple in 587 BC after a long siege by the armies of the nation of Babylon. Babylon subsequently carried off the remnants of Israel into captivity, what is known as the 70 year Babylonian Exile.

The poems are a literary form known as laments. One of the interesting aspects of individual and communal Hebrew laments is that they are also attempts to persuade God to intervene in the face of some crisis.

The phrase “in accordance with this steadfast love” is probably a remembrance of God’s covenant promises and how God in the past has let Israel have their own way as they fell into sin and then rescued them to show his glory and bring about repentance.

Moses did the same thing many times, asked God to remember his promises and show mercy.


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