Lanao congresswoman goes ballistic over pork


I felt sad when i read this. :frowning:


Lanao del Sur Rep. Benasing Macarambon, who is also a Muslim, said Dumarpa’s outburst was justified and that Islam allows a more severe response to such travesty.

“If it were me, I don’t know what will be my state of my mind. Muslims can kill,” he warned.

Macarambon said that for a Muslim, the anguish one feels after being made to eat pork is actually worse than seeing one’s wife being raped in front of him.


Here is Jesus’ response to such Pharisee spirited people:

He summoned the crowd and said to them, **“Hear and understand. **
It is not what enters one’s mouth that defiles that person; but what comes out of the mouth is what defiles one.”

Then his disciples approached and said to him, "Do you know that the Pharisees (Muslims may i add) took offense when they heard what you said?"
He said in reply, "Every plant that my heavenly Father has not planted will be uprooted.

Let them alone; they are blind guides (of the blind). If a blind person leads a blind person, both will fall into a pit."

Then Peter said to him in reply, “Explain (this) parable to us.”

He said to them, "Are even you still without understanding?

Do you not realize that everything that enters the mouth passes into the stomach and is expelled into the latrine?

But the things that come out of the mouth come from the heart, and they defile.

For from the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, unchastity, theft, false witness, blasphemy.

These people clean the outside of the dish while the inside is full of dirt. Jesus warned against such people.


It is unclear from the evidence whether this was an honest goof or a deliberate nasty trick by the caterer. Tensions between muslims and christians in the Phillipines are extremely high.

If I as a catholic were ever fed a dish containing (God forbid the culture of death ever gets this far) aborted babies and thought the caterer did it on purpose because she knew I was a catholic, I might lose my cool and throw a punch. Not that I should, but I could see it happening.


bit of a morbid comparison


Perhaps a more apt “what if” would be if you went to a party that used consecreted eucharist for chips and dip.


It’s a morbid comparison. But that really is the level of revulsion muslims have for pork. Whatever WE think of their conviction, we can at least put ourselves in a similar circumstance to emphathize with the scenario.

Illicit use of a consecrated host would be sacrilidge. IMO, not really the same emotion felt by a muslim tricked (if that is what it was) into eatig pork.


Hey. It’s not my fault you don’t have and sacred dietary restrictions. That’s the best I could come up with. :slight_smile:

Have a happy Thanksgiving.



I am a bit surprised of the reaction of this Muslim woman . She said many wrong things about her faith.

First she said that eating pork wouldnt allow her to enter heaven. That is totally wrong . You can be a muslim and eat pork all your life and still go to heaven but after God punishes you for the sin of disobeying him and eating pork,

Then comes another crazy guy who says that eating pork is worse than having his wife raped. I dont know where the hell he brought that from!!! I would rather eat pork all my life and not get my wife come close to a potential rapist !!! Again , nothing to prove what they said from any Muslim theological source!!

I ate pork during one of my visits abraod from Egypt by Mistake. I knew i was eating pork after i ate about 75% of the dish . Then my collegue told me it was pork.

Well, i simply wiped my mouth put my fork and knife down ( yes i swallowed the bit in my mouth and didnt spit it or somthing !) Excused myself from the table emptied the pork left in the bin and then i had some desert.

Some muslims are ignorant of their own faith. Its sad but it doesnt make them what islam is .

The prophet said explicitly that a muslim is excused from mistake , forgetfulness and what they have been forced to do .

It means that if i eat pork by mistake i have no problem ( not even a little one) with God . If i forget to fast in Ramadan and ate all day from sunrise to sunset then i have no problem whatsoever and God considers me fasted that day. If somebody forces me to eat the dirtiest pig ever and drink its blood then God wouldnt even record it as a minor sin , infact he will reward me for my patience.

In the end , this lady over reacted because of the ignorance about her own faith. This shows that religious education is definetly flawed in where she lives.


As for


well when i fast, i abstain from anything taken from animals. Once i was given a dish that’s meatless but cooked with animal “water” ( dunno it in English)…i didn’t know this and so i felt bad when i knew it. I did not react in a bad way because it’s better to eat meat and not insult instead of abstaining from it and insulting…such reactions make the act of faith void.

Anyway and as Meedo said, if she ate pork unintentionaly, it’s no problem.


Thanks Meedo. It is good to see that accidents are not sins for Muslims as well as for Christians.

“broth.” chicken broth, beef broth, vegetable broth… I wish I knew more than 1 language. I admire you!


Good post meedo!


thank you :slight_smile: i knew it has “oth” at the end so i thought within myself : moth? lol…

knowing more than one language is great indeed but when you know 4 languages you can’t help but forget words in X language because the word comes to your mind in Y language:D


I thought the comic in the article said it all.


4??? Now you’re just showing off! :smiley: That’s great! I have trouble with 1 sometimes! :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah, the fruits of the religion of peace!



i said something similar when i wrote that bad behaviour makes the act of faith void.


ok great…i’ve got to confess Pride :mad: :stuck_out_tongue:


We’ll thank God for the wonderful gift He has given you and call it good OK? :thumbsup:


I am glad to read your words, because many muslims here in California have the same extreme reactions to pork that the people in the news story expressed. It is hard to hear that anyone believes that God is so unjust as to punish someone for an unwitting mistake. That makes the believers superstitious and makes God petty and foolish. How sad. Thanks for sharing a more reasonable view.


Ok that is just asinine.

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