Landmark Baptists

Landmark Baptists hold that the NT model for the church is only the local and visible congregation and that it violates NT principles to speak of a universal, spiritual church. They also believe that Communion should be restricted to members of the local assembly and that baptism is valid only when administered in a properly constituted local Baptist congregation. They also believe that a historic “Baptist succession” may be traced from John the Baptist to modern Baptist churches in which believer’s baptism and Landmark principles have prevailed.

Am i getting this right?

If somebody who normally attends the landmark Baptist Church up the road visits one Sunday they will be refused Communion?

If so, I must say it is most bizarre.

Does the Landmark Baptist church get all of this from the Bible.

I presume they claim that.

Landmark Baptist is a parody site.


As a former Baptist, SBC pastor, landmarkism and the trail of blood is alive in some aspects of the Baptist Church or convention.

I know which site you are thinking of, wish I could remember it…as my kids tell me your getting old dad!:confused:

Was it landover? But it is a paradoy site.


Dcn Mark

That website may be a parody, as Walt states, but there IS a Landmark Baptist church in Rolla, MO (drive past it everytime we go to visit ILs). Their sign says “Independent, Fundamental, Premillenial”. Their website is They are very independent, believing that “true” churches should merely cooperate w/ each other, but have no hierachy, each local church is completely self governing and independent w/ Christ as the head. They are OSAS, KJV only, Sola Scriptura, Sola Fide, baptism by immersion, symbolic Lord’s supper, & all the “usual” baptist stuff. They’re also very patriotic (got all this from the website).

In Christ,


Yep. Call them hardshell baptist etc. There are closed communion baptist churches. Most Baptist churches believe their form of church and church government is NT and only in believers baptism.

Why do you find closed communion by this baptist church bizarre? Orthodox, Catholics and many other Christian Churches practice closed communion to other Christians. Besides Baptist, like these, there are other Christians who would deny us, you and I, the Eucharist for belonging to the wrong Church.

I have heard from SBC pulpits that John the Baptizer was John the Baptist. The first baptist and he pre-dates the Catholic Church by centuries. We were here first. Even when I was a baptist, statements like this made me want to jab pencils in my ears!:o

I wish I still had the book, Trail of Blood. It actually “traces” the lifeline of certain baptist churches back to either John the baptist or one of the Apostles. Guess the Baptistic form of Apostlic succession!:smiley:

Dcn Mark

yep, you can get anything from the Bible if you look hard enough and have pre-concieved
theology or dogma to prove. :eek:

Dcn Mark

According to my (Southern Baptist) FIL, S. Baptists also practice closed communion, but I’m not sure just denomination to denomination, or church to church. Obviously, Catholics can go to any Catholic Church in the world (in communion w/ the Pope, of course) and receive the Eucharist (no one will even check your “Catholic Card” ;)). Not sure about Baptists. Interestingly, I have a friend who’s a LCMS and they apparently practice church to church closed communion, unless you go speak w/ the pastor b/f the service and assure him that you are a LCMS member in good standing. I’ve therefore never understood why some people think the Catholic Church is so mean for our practice, it’s not like we’re the only ones!

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Sorry, mental lapse on my part. Landover is the parody site.

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