Landmark Education Program?


Has anyone heard of this or been to one of their programs?
A friend of mine has invited me to some informational seminar for the program. I couldn't really get a feel about what it was all about. She just talked about how much it has changed her life. She says it's not a religious thing, although they do confirm that many people believe in a higher power to help them in life. She has also described it as a leadership program.

Anyway, just wondering if anyone knows anything solid about this program??



Never attended. I googled "Landmark Education" and found the following critical description of the program:


Did you google it to see what comes up?


I have a friend who was involved with them for a while. They kept asking for more and more money. She gave them thousands, and then finally figured out that is all they are about…getting your money.


Thank Rebecca, I kind was getting that impression. I am kind of interested in their philosophical approach I guess.

KCT, while google and the internet are amazing, of course you have to take some things including options with a grain of salt. I know people who write blogs, reviews and options for companies just based upon a paycheck (I don't agree with what they do nor believe it is right, although they do it). This program isn't like looking into XXX college IMHO. I don't know, although I suspect that the program is similar the philosophy behind The Secret or other "New Age" beliefs out there, although again I am not sure, thus the reason that I chose a forum with a majority of people who have similar faith/moral beliefs as I. Thank you though!


Alan - thanks for the link. I was really hoping to find someone on here that has personally been to one of the programs offered by this place, I will digest the link you sent me though :thumbsup:


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