Landmark Senate report on CIA's use of torture plays key role in victims' lawsuit

**It’s the type of legal case that usually gets tossed out once the government claims national security is at stake.

But something surprising happened in a federal courtroom here last week — a judge ruled that a potentially embarrassing lawsuit against the CIA could go forward. And even more surprising, the U.S. Justice Department agreed to go along.**

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And this is another article reporting on the same thing.

Wow. Thanks for that one buddy. Very interesting.

It is no surprise to me at all that the Obama Justice Department might want to embarrass the CIA. This administration would likely abolish it altogether if it thought it could.

Generally, I am only embarrassed when caught doing something wrong. Can’t be embarrassed if you are right.

Good point.

If the CIA’s psychologists did endorse this, then what is wrong with revealing it? I do not see why this should be biased according to ideology. It actually is simple. Why is there is an aversion for holding government agencies accountable?

Do you think this would be another embarrassing episode such as the Snowden leak that, even though it isn’t an intelligence coup, but something that discredits US propaganda that it embodies “freedom”? The Snowden leak, for instance, revealed that the US’s current electronic surveillance capabilities exceeded anything that the notorious Stasi would have ever dreamed.

So do you want a world where something such as COINTELPRO or REX84 would never be known by the general public? So is ignorance really is bliss. Please note that the latter examples have nothing to do with compromise secrets to foreign adversaries, but pertain to domestic repression.

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