Landover Baptist Church


I just have a question. Has anyone heard of or been on their web site and are they serious or is it someones sad joke.
Just going thru their threads on their forum, there is no way that any Christian, no matter what their denomination can think like they do. Maybe I am too naive.


Landover is a parody site. It’s a no-no to post a link to it on this board.


I would think the WWJD thong would give it away…


Yes, but they apparently get email from folks who don’t realize that the site is satire.


Thanks for setting me straight, I guess that is as far as this thread has to go.


Yesterday, I was googling and happened to come to that site. It was very disturbing! I never go back there again.


I agree, I can quit seeing whats new at that site! I have quit dozens of times…:wink:


:smiley: You meant you had come back there again and again?
What they wrote and displayed there are just so … I don’t have a word for it. I looked up about the group and learned that they are ‘fiction’. Indeed, they have no respect for Jesus or anything in the Bible.


My kids got a kick out of the site… especially the God wants you to have a PSIII. It was really comical! It said that they loved you more than mom & dad and to get a PSIII all you had to do is believe in Jesus, hate your parents, and call them with mom& dads Credit card #…:rotfl::rotfl::rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:

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