L'Angelus - family cajun band

Did anybody catch this family/band on Life on the Rock this past week? I just got caught up on last week’s DVR’d events and I loved this family!!! I’d never heard of them before last night but their music was WONDERFUL!!!

I loved mom’s testimony about openness to life. I started crying when they sang “Shelly” and “Jenny.” Of course being pregnant and stuffing ice cream in my pie hole probably didn’t help:P This is a family of 10 - mom said she had 4 children in the first 4.5 yrs of marriage (we’re going on 3 in the first 4 yrs!!!) and she’d had enough and decided to contracept. After 14 years, her husband and children had worked on her, so her heart finally softened to the Church’s teachings on oppenness to life and she had a little girl. Not long after she decided the little one needed a playmate to grow up with and, knowing that she hated being pregnant, the 4 older kids prayed to St.Maximillian Kolbe for twins. Low and behold, she had twin boys and name them Maximillian and Kolbe!!! Love it! She had another after that and then it appears that they’ve even adopted 2 little ones as well.

I loved this family as well as the Celtic Spring family band. I gotta get the CDs!!!

For those who missed the program, the website of “Lawn Jay Loose” has 13 (I guess they aren’t superstitious) mp3s you can listen to, as well as some videos.

The website also mentions that Michael Doucet of Beausoleil speaks well of them, which is quite an endorsement.


Yes, impressive musicians

Yes, I saw them the other night, and was just going to start my own thread when I saw this one. I only caught the end of the show, and heard two or three songs. They are super ! The next day I went on a mission to buy every CD they’ve made. I got shot down. The new CD, C’es Ce Bon ( or something like that ) is unavailable by both Ignasius press and Amazon. Bummer.

Yeah, I couldn’t find any for sale either. Bummer.

Heard them on Catholic radio yesterday. ‘Rice and Gravy’ cracked me up so much!:thumbsup::smiley:

You can order it from their website:
(although it transfers you to CDbaby.com)

or download from iTunes:

Or order it from Aquinas & More

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