Language and Heaven


My mistake if this is in the wrong section, but do we know anything about the use of language in Heaven? On Earth, in the here and now we communicate with language, with words, but in Heaven, will language be needed to communicate? Are those in Heaven beyond language, and communicate on an entirely different level unknown to us since they are in the presence of the beatific vision of God?


We just don’t know.

There will be voices in Heaven, but whether we will need language as such is another mystery.



the language of heaven is just like the languages on earth and pre-earth languages ( e.g. Good angels, holy Spirit etc … ) the exception is above this temporariness a language of fulfillment and love more than this foreshadowing language giving, receiving, transcending all in a way only God through the soul and the resurrected body can understand in love and Truth.

•We are born for higher things, for the possession of love God. This earth can satisfy no man, least of all the wise. “Vanity of vanities”, says the Scripture (Ecclesiastes 1:1); and St. Augustine exclaimed: “Thou hast made us for Thyself (O God) and our heart is troubled till it rests in Thee.”
•We are created for wisdom, for a possession of truth perfect in its kind. Our mental faculties and the aspirations of our nature give proof of this. But the scanty knowledge, that we can acquire on earth stands in no proportion to the capabilities of our soul. We shall possess truth in higher perfection hereafter.

God bless


I certainly hope it’s not English. That would be a punishment from God. :slight_smile:


You could always take a vow of silence!:):slight_smile:




Or the sound of a purr. :thumbsup:


He would be in good company.

**When the Lamb opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven for about half an hour. **(Revelation 8:1)



Which some quote to prove that women cannot be in Heaven :):slight_smile:



There will be plenty of holy and silent Benedictine and Cistercian women in heaven.



The Trappist monks as well.


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