Lapis Lazuli for Vertigo

I suffer from newly diagnosed vertigo and am taking medication that doesn’t seem to help too much. i will be seeing a physical therapist for head maneuvers that are supposed to help. I have read that wearing or carrying Lapis lazuli is supposed to help and wondered if anyone has used them. I’m not even sure that as a Catholic they should be used. Any information that anyone has would be helpful. I am a devout Catholic and won’t use anything that goes against my Faith. Thank you

I have periods of vertigo during summer if the sun gets to “strike me” in the head and I admit I would try the lapis lazuli thing when they happen and thanks for sharing. I now try another method that does not contradict any Christian principle imho, I read about it on a Christian site.
I read that some ascetic monks said that certain Psalms can be read for problems related to health and sanity. You have to read them at least 7 days.
Psalm 22(23) - The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing."…
Psalm 102(103)"- "Praise the Lord, my soul; all my inmost being, praise his holy name.

So maybe also try reading these Psalms for seven days in addition to whatever other treatment you are doing?
I don’t think there is anything unchristian in wearing that stone except for the fact that if wearing it does help dedicate the help all to God not to the matter (the stone itself). Just don’t believe the stone did it, but God helped. If wearing it is bad then it should be taking substances like medication. It is the same thing.
God bless.

Ok, so maybe you can buy a lapis lazuli rosary? I found some online they are very beautiful but maybe not the cheapest.

It’s pseudoscientific nonsense. Of course it doesn’t work.

Using folk remedies, even silly non-effective ones like this, is not against the faith unless you personally give them some supernatural significance. It doesn’t matter whether anyone else does or not, just what your intentions are.

If you, personally, do not assign lapis lazuli any supernatural significance, then it just a rock, and you could do with it what you want.

However, that doesn’t make “alternative medical” treatments any less a foolish waste of time and money, any less fraudulent, or any more effective.



Thank you. I’m just having so much difficulty and will try just about anything that would help. I do have reservations about this and will not buy it. I will concentrate on praying my Rosary and reciting the Psalms in the previous post.

Thank you, Mary. I will be reciting these Psalms starting today!

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I understand that. But never forget that desperation makes you especially vulnerable to the hoards of quacks, charlatans and frauds out to make a quick buck off of gullible and desperate people, Just maintain a very heightened sense of skepticism, and stick with proven, evidence-based treatments from a competent and qualified medical professional.

Wishing you all the best!

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It’s BPPV and it started about a month ago. It landed me in the hospital for 2 days. I was at the salon having my hair washed, got very dizzy and almost passed out. I didn’t know what was happening and couldn’t walk unassisted. EMS took me to the hospital and after a complete workup and testing, it was determined to be BPPV. I can’t get into the physical therapist for head maneuvers until July 12 and this is taking an inordinate toll on my life. I take meclizine for the dizziness, but that is only temporary and I really don’t want to take it much longer. Oh well, I’ll do what I need to.

There’s a simplified Epley maneuver you can try at home, if you haven’t already. It’s reasonably easy to do but may have some of same not-so-nice short term effects as the specialist version. Sorry you’re struggling with this - it’s really unpleasant. I’ll pray for a speedy resolution for you.

Thank you for the prayers. I was doing these and called the PT to see how many times a day I should do them. She doesn’t want me to do anything until I see her on the 12th.

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I was in the hospital for 2 days and had every test under the sun. It was found to be Benign Positional Paroxysmal Vertigo for which I now take Meclizine and will see a Physical Therapist next week for head maneuvers to reposition inner ear crystals. Honestly, I’ve learned more about this than I ever wanted to know. The meds only seem to work somewhat, so I’m anxiously awaiting my appointment next week. And thank you to everyone for your prayers - they mean so much to me!

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