Lapsed preists?


I was wondering. When I read Catholism and Fundamentalism: The attack on “Romanism” by “Bible Christians” by Mr. Karl Keating, I noticed that a lot of the people who are waging war on the Catholic Church are lapsed preist and I found this rather troubleing. Why and how did these people who are supposed to be excepleary Catholics lapse?


Priests are human and capable of falling away even more strikingly than just regular laypeople. To fall away as a priest usually involves a pretty big rejection since they are more intimately involved by their lives in the Church. A Catholic can fall away pretty easy by not going to Church then doing other things, a priest has to reject his previous life a little more to do so.

This is not uncommon as the priesthood is not for everyone and the culture of the last 30 or so years has helped a lot. Where is there any support for a chaste life anymore in this culture? Where is there support for a life not influenced by materialism?

We need to pray for our priests and their dedication to service of God. Scott Hahn told a great story about a fallen away priest who came back to the Church, if I can find a transcript of it I will try and post it.

In Christ


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