Large amount of Protestants converting now?


Is there currently an unusually high amount of seperated bretheren coming home to the Catholic Church?


Not that I know of… Have you heard something :neutral_face:


Not in my experience, no.


I don’t know that it’s unusually high. It might depend on your location. I do think as society has gotten more secular, some protestant/non-denominational churches have lost a lot of substance to their churches and services, which may draw more conservative people back towards Catholicism, which has more liberal Masses than maybe they did 50 years ago.


I haven’t seen it in my personal observation.


I pray :pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:


My husband and I were uber-involved Evangelical Protestants for the first 40-some years of our lives. We converted in 2004.

At that time, organizations like CA were holding conferences all over the U.S. featuring great speakers, musicians, Mass, adoration times, and lots of wonderful fellowship. Also, Catholic Churches were using the marvelous materials written by modern teachers like Tim Staples, Scott Hahn, etc. to offer “Apologetics Classes.”

I think this was the kind of thing (conferences, classes, music, etc.) that attracted Protestants to inquire into the Catholic Church. We saw a lot of Protestants converting during this time.

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen any Catholic Conference near us, other than a Men’s Conference that my husband is never able to attend because of the date. We really miss these conferences and wonder why they are no longer being done. Probably lack of funds.

We are not seeing as many Protestants inquiring about the Catholic Church in our area. What we are seeing is acceptance of Catholics as fellow Christians by many Protestant denominations that in the past would have labelled Catholicism as a cult, and considered Catholics “not true Christians” because they “hadn’t asked Jesus into their hearts to be their Personal Savior.”

I think it helps that revered magazines like Christianity Today (Evangelical Protestant) are featuring stories and articles about Catholicism, and including Catholicism in their polls, surveys, and “Updates.” This makes it easier for Protestants to accept Catholicism as Christianity. I’ve actually heard Protestant preachers refer to Catholicism as “ancient Christianity,” which is what it is!

I pray often for complete unity between Christians, as Jesus prayed in John’ 17.


Very good point. Although the teachings of the Church have not changed, the “tone”, shall we say, has become more informal and it’s just enough for those who are now considered “conservative” to feel comfortable coming into Catholicism.


This article states 150,000 per year (2015 article)

This article has some stats from 2017


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