Large Crowds Venerate Relic of St. John Paul II at New York Cathedral

The blood of Pope John Paul II drew many people to St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Manhattan to revere this relic of the Pope. “The more in pain he was, the more frail and fragile he was,” as he approached death, “the more he radiated Jesus Christ,” according to one of the things said then.

I’m going to see this and venerate tomorrow (Sunday) at the Cathedral Basilica of Sts Peter and Paul in Philadelphia.

So someones blood in a vial is making its way across the US and crowds of people are showing up to look at it. That is creepy

No, it is not creepy. It is a wonderful thing to have so many people show love and respect for St John Paul II and for Christ and His Holy Church. John Paul II touched many lives and many people have been healed by his intercession and I am one of them. I saw the relic in Boston where there was only a small crowd so I was able to be very close to the relic which was respectfully and beautifully displayed and protected by the Knights of Columbus. Everyone who has the opportunity to see the relic should do so.

Its not just “someone”, but a holy Saint of God’s. Frankly, there are so many really “creepy” things that happen in secular culture today. Hopefully through the intercession of John Paul II those things can be mitigated. Sad to say I live too far away to go.

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