Large families


Just wondering…do any of you guys have traditional large Catholic families?

Comments welcome :smiley:


I only have 4 children, but I have an excuse…we were Protestant until last Easter Vigil. We don’t practice NFP.


One child in heaven at 5 weeks gestation. Otherwise, we’re infertile and don’t have insurance that will pay for us to find out why.


8 children so far - no nfp.
we had 5 before I converted.
**dh is not catholic, just very loving.:wink: **


Four children, no family planning at all since we are in our 60’s :smiley:


We have 9

Twins conceived on the day NFP said I was safer than safe! Thank God things go according to His plan and not mine!



LOL! :smiley: We know a family who have 12 children and the DH is also not Catholic (or any religion), but must be just extremely loving too! :wink:


We have two kids now… and would love more!
We do practice NFP…


We’re on #1 - and open to however many God blesses us with. DH’s older brother told us that if we will have 9 children, he will too so ours can play baseball against his…so we’re going for at least that many lol. Also, we bought my MIL a frame for Christmas that says “My Grandchilden” and has 20 slots. DH has one bro and one sis so we all have to have big Catholic families!

Also, I’m the oldest of 6 children - parents practiced NFP TO conceive…they were infertile for ten years, adopted my sister and me, had four boom right in a row, and then were infertile again. Such blessings!


Not yet, but we hope to be blessed with one in the future :slight_smile:

Right now we have a small traditional Catholic family with 2 kids who are 2 and 1 month old. We’re letting the natural spacing of breastfeeding take control for now, which is also what we did after our first child.


Thanks to PCOS related infertility, we only have 3 kids: 2 bio, 1 adopted. We hope to have more, either naturally or by adoption. We’ll see what He has in store for us…all of our children have definitely been miracles!


It is interesting that this thread is going at this particular time, as DH and I just took a pregnancy test this morning and our third little blessing is due in mid-November! Thanks be to God! :slight_smile:

Though we do not yet have the “traditional large Catholic family,” please give us time, as we have only been married since July of 2004! :smiley: Maybe God will grant us multiples to get us up to speed! :wink:


Kristen don’t feel bad! We don’t have a big family either.:wink:


I came from a family of 5 children, DH had 4 in his. We were blessed with one beautiful Daughter. There is a family at my Church that just had their 10th child. They are a beautiful family, with 3 of the boys as Altar servers. I am so intrigued that I sometimes find myself staring at them instead of paying attention to Mass:o . I love to see large families!

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