Large Marijuana Parties, On The Common In Keene, NH

What are you talking about? YOU are the person who needs to “do his homework”, and I told you that. And now you sit there and try and twist it around back on me?

And no, I was not directing my comment to you.

You asked for sources. I told you to go do your own research.

(And by the way, anyone who actually does their own research will find that there is a great deal of information on THC that is negative. The point is to look at the BIG PICTURE when it comes to the social health effects of various things, such as how many driving accidents are caused by alcohol versus THC, cancer, etc.)

You said, “no, the fact that you haven’t posted any links speaks for itself.”.

So I posted a couple of links. :shrug: Like I said, I read constantly. I don’t post things or say things that can’t be researched and verified by other people.

And what do you do? Tell ME to do my homework. :rolleyes: That’s ridiculous.

I never said that. Where are you picking up your information?

Perhaps you could explain where the quote you credit to me came from.

How many billions are wasted each year arresting people that have violated no ones rights? I have no idea what the reason for making marijuana illegal was for.

The list goes on to include every drug, prescription and OTC? So if cannabis were legalized, it would instantly become the safest drug in the pharmacy, bar none?

It’s one thing to claim cannabis is safer than many drugs, it’s quite another to claim it’s safer than any other drug.

Amen! It’s not even worth getting into to it with some folks. It’s all emotional. . . . “hippies”. . . . “stoners”. . . . “counter-culture”. . . . “dangerous”. . . .“the Godless 60’s” :rolleyes:

A quick search did not turn up any articles supporting Hobble’s claim that cannabis is safer than every other drug.

[quote=Angels Unaware]It irritates me how some people cannot be bothered to read enough to develop an educated opinion for themselves on anything. I personally watch no televsion, ever, so I don’t absorb the prejudices and misinformation of average people.

That sometimes irritates me as well, even though I don’t share your prejudice against television.:smiley:

You may be able to make a judgment about a person who fails to back his arguments, but you can’t automatically conclude anything about the arguments themselves by the simple fact that one person doesn’t bother to support them.

Quite true.

I have little doubt that a little research could tell us more about the claims having been made. But there is little point in doing so as the lack of research and unwillingness to support the claims tells me all I need to know.

Whenever a challange to unsubstantiated claims is met with the hostility with which my challanges were met, you can bet the person making the claims knows little to nothing about the topic at hand…and there is little more then personal insult and more hostility to be gained in debating the individual.

I posted two links to back up the only claim that I made, which is that the phytochemicals in marijuana have been associated with a decrease in cancer and reduced lung injury.
(The point being that marijuana, as a public health risk, is probably not as serious as tobacco and alcohol in many ways, which doesn’t mean I think people should smoke it, it just is an observation about political hegemony.)

The mod deleted them. Vz71 knows that because he read them.

As for the other claims about the dangers of prescription meds and so forth, that wasn’t my argument so I didn’t feel the need to back it up.

What I know is there was personal insult hurled about, and now the offending posts are gone. I will not speculate as to how or why.

But getting back to the topic at hand…

vz71, I am very truly sorry that you believed the statement that some people cannot be bothered to read and do research for themselves was personally insulting to you. I am being honest when I say it was not directed to you, but to a hypothetical group of people. I can only conclude that you assigned yourself to this group, and became offended.

Please accept my apology, and anyone else who might assign themselves to this social category. It was not my intention to offend.

Let’s not forget, though, I did post links, and anyone who is interested in how political hegemony contributes to the justice system, or in the dangers of alcohol, or in phytochemicals, which are a cancer killing substance in green plants, such as green tea, is welcome to do their own research.

However, I do not wish to make you feel insecure if you can’t do this. I am your sister in Christ, and it is not my intetion to make you feel insecure.

God Bless.

I can appreciate the need to play towards some kind of moral high ground in a display of apologies and humbleness. However, the specific statements made that people could readily draw insult from were qualified out of your apology, and not mentioned at all.

I am left wondering if I should accept the apology or not.
You qualified your apology to actions that needed no apology and that no offense was taken from; and left out the offense itself.

Kind of like hitting someone with a brick and apologizing for the noise made instead of the actual assault.:confused:

Sometimes, I jay-walk. Other days, I roll through stop signs. Should I be punished? Should you be punished for doing the same thing? Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

In regards to weed:

If pot was legal, and alcohol illegal, the world would be a safer place. Neither is good for you, but I would argue pot is “less bad”.

If pot was legal, and alcohol illegal, the world would be a safer place. Neither is good for you, but I would argue pot is “less bad”.

I tend to agree,


Organized crime in the US- amounting to hundreds of murders, thousands of assaults, and tens of millions of dollars in theft, was borne of prohibition.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with smoking cannabis, except that it happens to be against the law here in the States. It is ridiculous…just another form of Prohibition. Pot is much less deadly than drinking, especially drinking and driving. And that happens all the time!

Where did I claim every drug? But it is true that it is safer than most legal drugs.
Just look up common legal drugs, and see how dangerous they are.

Prescription Drug Deaths Soar

The National Statistics 2007 report of drug related deaths for England and Wales in 2005.

Tobacco 86,500
Alcohol 6,627
Heroin 842
All anti-depressants 401
Methadone 223
Cocaine (including crack) 176
Amphetamine 103
MDMA/Ecstasy 58
Cannabis 0

Leading Annual Causes Of Death In The United States

When other legal/illegal drugs have from a handfull to a mass amount of deaths,and cannabis has none, I think it’s safe to say it’s safer.

I suspect that were it legal we would encounter the same issues that alcohol causes right now. Perhaps worse.

In either case, the real point is that it IS illegal, and the people described in the OP should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Great idea, your prisons are already strapped for room, you should put a bunch of college kids in there too for good measure. They should know better, they should stick to prescriptions like the drug companies that lobby for these laws want.

You’re living in a democracy, it’s a citizens duty to remain critical of their government and it’s laws. Blind acceptance of laws is what leads to corruption and in extreme cases tyranny.

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