Large Marijuana Parties, On The Common In Keene, NH

To lighten the mood.
Anybody remember this news story?

Did you see the pictures? They hung a marijuana sign on the Veteran’s monument, they have a bull horn and demonstrators hollered at others passing by the common because they did not believe in legalizing it.

The is liberal Keene. They are breaking the law by smoking and the police are not arresting them but trying to get them to disperse. It hasn’t worked.

And people say well it is legal in Holland. Most of Dutch ride bikes , not cars where there is a chance of taking another person’s life.

I agree that alcohol is bad news but there is no way to get rid of it. Many of the people who smoke pot also have beer with it.

Obviously if it were legalized it would have similar laws to alchohol when driving.

Obviously pot advocates are feeling they have to push more to be understood. The reasons why it’s still illegal and kept illegal are not just reasons, more and more people are understanding this. So I guess the question is, what should people do when the laws keep favoring corperate interests over justice?

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Obviously if it were legalized it would have similar laws to alchohol when driving.

That makes us all feel better.:confused: While they are under the influence, they kill your daughter yet get 4 years in jail with probation.

The facts remain. It is a just law, and these people are in violation and should be punished.

If the laws are really that bad over there I really don’t see why you people are advocating them, they should be revised… Either way, driving under the influence happens whether pot is legal or not, I don’t see how it is relevant to legalization. If anything, legalization would help define the laws of driving stoned more, and help separate responsible users from irresponsible ones, instead of going after everyone.

It isn’t a just law, all evidence shows that it is completely unjust. The law only favors corperate interest, it has nothing to do with public safety. If public safety was the real concern, than a lot of legal drugs would be illegal. I don’t understand how you can say that the law is just, it has no justifiable grounds.

Yes there is nothing wrong with smoking marijuana. It is not a sin. SOme say it is against the law so it is but what about in the Netherlands?

Some how I don’t believe that God looks at sin based on physical location. . . :rolleyes:

Plus I have never had a confessor tell me it is.

Favoring a corporate interest does not in itself make a law unjust.

The law is a just law, and the violators of this law should be punished.

You would be mistaken.
There is a moral obligation to abide by just laws.
Since the law is just, violation of this law would be a sin.
In countries where this civil law does not apply, there is no such obligation to civil authority and therefore no sin (at least of violating the law).

When the favoring of that corperation aids the production of dangerous drugs, and when those drugs are even pushed on kids to help things like “ADD” and other conditions that haven’t even been proven to exist, than that law IS unjust.

When that law has the prison system flooded with people who did nothing truly wrong, than that law is unjust.

This is supposed to be a free society, these laws violate personal freedoms, they are unjust.

Not only is it impossible to die from Cannabis use, but cannabis is a better alternative to many legal medications which can easily kill people and do kill plenty of people. That is plainly unjust.

Sin regards God’s law.
Crime regards man’s law.

None of my confessors has stated this is a sin- are you a priest?

In my life, at work and personally, I have been around alcoholics and chronic, heavy pot users. Because I have never been a substance abuser or used illegal drugs, when I was much younger I assumed that pot was as bad or worse because it was illegal. Over the years, it became very clear that that this was not the case. Heavy pot users were never physically addicted, as alcoholics who can go into DTs are. I witnessed apathy, a lack of conscientiousness, and short-term memory loss in the chronic heavy pot users, but that was about all I could say about them. I didn’t witness clear brain damage, where the cerebral cortex actually shrinks, as in alcoholism, or cirrhosis of the liver. The potential for accidents was just not comparable between the substance users.

As a Christian, dependency on a chemical is of the flesh, so it is not something positive, but not everyone becomes dependent on either alcohol or pot. This is not a life choice for me, and not something I would every recommend to anyone, but I can see pretty plainly that in the larger scheme of things that there are worse legal things than pot. And legal prescription drugs are definitely more addictive with the potential to kill you if you overdose.

Really? You think that breaking man’s law is a sin?
Human’s are rarely, if ever just in our laws. It is not a sin to stand up for what is right.
According to your religion, it is only a sin to break God’s law. Man’s law does not represent the will of God. In case you haven’t heard, King Henry VIII isn’t in power anymore, we live in a democracy now. In a democracy, the government obeys the people, not the other way around, if a law is wrong it’s the duty of the citizens to stand against it. If the government is making laws to help corrupt businesses, it’s up to us to call them out.

Vz71 with all due respect I feel you may be a little disingenuous.

Have you ever jay-walked? Do you come to a complete stop at every stop sign? Should you be punished? What about retroactively?

These are the laws of man. What about the laws of God?

Do you buy clothes made in China? You know these people work 16 hours a day and live in poverty right? Is it moral to support this system?

Do you buy coca cola? When coke opens a new plant they destroy the surrounding community because they build near huge wells of underground water. Neighboring villages can’t survive the shortage. You ever bought coke before? Is it moral to support this company?

The world isn’t as black and white as you think.

An opinion that has no backing does not in itself make a law unjust.

Popularity of a crime does not negate the fact that it is a crime.

It is not freedom to choose to sin.

God’s law compels us to follow just laws.
Do you not recall Christ’s call to ‘render unto Caeser…’?

That is moral relativism.

We are obligated to follow just laws.

If you wish to make the case that a law is unjust, then you may wish to prepare your presentation with the exact definition of a just law, the exact definition of an unjust law, examples, and then hard evidence to show whatever law to be unjust.

As it is, you have offered nothing to support your case.

It has plenty of backing, but you seem to find it too bothersome to do any research.

Popularity of a crime does not negate the fact that it is a crime.

It does when there is no reasonable explanation for it being a crime. You do realize that your country was founded through rebellion right?

It is not freedom to choose to sin.

Actually, it is, but that’s another topic. exercising our rights to protest against our government is not a sin, it is actually a responsibility. If people follow their government blindly, and without criticism, we end up with an opressed society.

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