Large mystery hole shows up near Russia


I heard about this on the morning news, I was pretty surprised at how stumped the ‘experts’ were about this too…Anyone care to guess what it could be?..

the earth going thru something we dont understand, …??


Two things.

*]AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! MSN!!! :stuck_out_tongue:
*]Is my computer glitchy, or are there no pictures?


There was just yesterday a show on one of the science channels about methane gas pockets around the world and their potential for mass destruction …
even was suggested that maybe they caused some mass extinctions.





Loved some of the explanations in the comments on the article. :slight_smile:

The pictures reminded me of a place near Gainesville Florida where my daughter went scuba diving in. A huge sinkhole with underground caves and rivers.


Well, methane gas sounds like a reasonable cause. Let’s not forget all the new and unusual sink holes showing up in the States. The earth is not a static rock, and maybe we are about to experience one heck of a change!

There have been long term concerns about Mt. Rainer in Oregon, and the increasing size of a volcanic dome in Wyoming. If either one of those blows we won’t have to worry about having a nation anymore. Wyoming’s little bubble would destroy the entire country, and Mr. Rainer most of it. And who is going to stop it?

Maybe we should all pray a little more about what nature can and can’t do, and less about our politicians.


So that’s how the aliens are getting in! :eek:


my thought as well…


Funny you should bring up volcanoes, I read yesterday there is a guy claiming Yellowstone gas levels are extremely high right now, apparently he is up there doing some testing, and in his opinion, he thinks we will see it erupt in our lifetimes! If this happens there will also be no more US to concern ourselves about!

the entire nation will just be a large wasteland that will not see sunshine for many many years. I imagine after all the plants die off, it will look like a nuclear bomb went off.


Yes, I think Yellowstone is a real, and I mean real, problem. All I have read tells me that an eruption would devastate our climate across the world (America would cease to exist as we know it) and our possible continuation as a society at risk. I don’t know if this is the same National Geo documentaries as is done on Big Foot but I still worry.
I am fascinated by this big hole and the increase in sink holes that have been reported. I am looking for Hollywood to make a really good Sci Fi on this. Better than Sharknadoes!


I saw this story this morning. Spooky! didn’t the article day 18 helicopters could fly down in the hole? That is how big it is. I wonder how long before we find out what it is? How deep could it be? Our planet is alive!

By the way isn’t Mt. Ranier in washington state? Not oregon. Mt. St. Helens is in oregon.


That is a nice hole.


Theories thus far, compiled from around the internet:
*]A Hellmouth from Buffy the Vampire Slayer
*]Pacific Rim actually happening


BOTH are in Washington State.


PROOF that “the world” is fake! In related news …

… A weekend mariner named “Truman” found the place where the sky and sea meet and punctured a hole in it … JUST before finding this stairway … leading to??

Kidding aside, this is an interesting story; be it a sinkhole, a military underground missile silo, or whatever.


I’m going with roof collapse on an abandoned underground Soviet military facility. Possible an old secret weapons test site? any suspicious nearby abandoned supply roads or rail lines?


I’m going with hoax.




I am out of the loop. What is pacific rim?


You wet blanket. :wink:


I think that is what Orogeny means in Latin, but I could be wrong!:smiley:



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