Large print books

In my last year of formation before definitive promises as a secular Carmelite, I am really struggling with the reading. All the “complete works” texts we use have the tiniest print. are there good large print editions of John of the Cross and Teresa of Avila? How about Francis de Salles?

try to contact libraries for the blind and handicapped to see if you can find large print versions or even audio book version. I also would suggest getting something like a kindle touch. I have one and you can get these books on there as well as adjust the print size for yourself. A number of these classic books are very inexpensive. Likewise the Kindle touch as a reading component which will read the book as you are doing other things. I’ve use that a number of times, listening on the Kindle while doing other things. God bless you on your journey.

Thank you, Robwar, for your advice! I have been thinking of getting a Kindle. I have an Ipad, but I find the glare too much for extended reading.

I second the kindle as an answer for large print books!

I would like to know more about becoming a secular Carmelite because I have thought about it myself. What has been the process and how long etc? Back to the Kindle, one of the first books I down loaded and for free was “Story of the Soul”. A number of the books by St. John of the Cross and St. Teresa of Avila are very inexpensive. What is also nice is that one can carry a ton of different books to read all in one little device. I wish you the best.

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