Okay tossing this out there whats everyones take on Live Action Role Play? I have heard many things over the past couple of years but yeah I want to hear this forums take on it.

It probably depends upon what you’re LARPing. So long as it’s not detrimental to your faith, leading you to sin, or causing great scandal to others, it’s probably just fine. As with any other recreational activity.

I’ve seen some video clips of pretty bad LARP, so I would say if you are going to do it, do a good job - at least if you care about how outsiders view you and your group (if you don’t care about that, then it doesn’t really matter what you do, so long as you guys have fun.)

Exactly! In addition, be careful to observe all laws (property and make sure nothing you use to LARP will run you afoul of weapons laws).

Other than the specifics of what you’re LARPing, I don’t see it as significantly different than a bunch of friends getting together to play flag football or something like that.

It’s good clean (most of the time) fun.:smiley: And relelatively safe.

And without it, we probobly wouldn’t get awsome things like this

Ha – I don’t LARP myself but I am looking forward to renting the movie “Darkon” to check out those who do.

If you haven’t heard of it – look it up for a rental. Just don’t queue it on Netflix if you are in the L.A. area – that one’s mine! :wink:

I play a horror political larp. Its not about swinging swords its not about dressing up (though we do that quite a bit) its about the politics of the “city” behind the city.

We determind outcomes of combat in game by rock paper sissors and minor stats kept on paper in our pockets but ite mostly about the politics.

(rubs hands together) its fun to play the bad guy manipulating the little mortals of the world mwhahahaha


I know what I’m doing is not wrong I was just wondering how you precive it.

Dontcha think the use of horror was superfluous when you used political?

Entertaining Machivellian tendancies in a non fantasy setting my blurr the line between reality and the game (I’ve seen people do it with elves, why not politics?)

But the use of rock paper scissors might detract away from the immersivness of the game, so…I suggest getting a few airsoft guns, then you can plug eachother quietly, safely, and somewhat realistically. Or use water-squirters!

But with horror, do you mean the corporate exploitation horrors, or the ghouls in charge of the bank, and the zombies behind the counter horror?

In many ways though, an non-combat oriented LARP makes use of the RP, whereas many boffer systems simply utilize the LA.

LARPers are the folks us table-top RPers give wedgies to while at cons. Real men don’t LARP. Be a real man.


– Mark L. Chance.

Oh, now … RPers should be sticking together!

But then, I’m head of a play-by-post RPG site, so …

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