Larry David Blasted for 'Curb' Episode Where He Urinates on Jesus Painting

Forgive us Lord, for we know not what we do…

Comedian Larry David is under attack from critics who say he pushed the mocking of religion and Christian belief in miracles over the edge in the latest episode of his HBO series “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” which the cable network defended as “playful.”

On the show’s most recent installment, which aired Sunday, David urinates on a painting of Jesus Christ, causing a woman to believe the painting depicts Jesus crying.

Deal Hudson, author and publisher of, said he doesn’t find any humor in the episode.

Michael Savage discussed this for two hours last night. He agrees that we need to hold Hollywood accountable for all the trash and bigotry they put out. For those w/ HBO cancel it and let them know why. Stop paying for Hollywood’s indecency and then maybe we’ll start to see quality from them again

If you watch HBO, you can just see the coordinated effort to put down religion, particurly Catholics for some reason, and promote the “progressive” lifestyle.

Whether its this crud, Bill Maher, Sarah Silverman, all their other seedy shows, there’s always something. And then not affiliated with HBO, you have Penn & Teller, Seth MacFarlane, MTV, all the goofball “leftist” Hollywood celebrities, etc.

There is a huge campaign against religion in popular media right now, one that we haven’t seen at this level before.

What’s scary is its really hard not to indirectly support in some way, since the companies that produce this stuff, pretty much own every channel of popular media or news in some way, shape, or form.

:flowers: I have never seen this show, since I don’t have HBO,but this makes me mad. They used to have a show on called Carnivale, which was very good.It was about the battle between good and evil, right and wrong etc.Some of you may know the show I am speaking of. So what does HBO do, they cancel the show, and leave on garbage like this one.

Yeah know, if this guy had urinated on not just Jesus, but also next to Jesus ,a picture of Buddha, the Star of David, and the Koran, believe me Hollywood would be howling, especially the Star of David. The people running Hollywood aren’t like the old timers like
Samuel Goldwynn, Louis B.Mayer,etc. Sure Hollywood turned out junk in their day, but there were also very edgy and artistic films, and also spiritual films too, like the King of Kings and The Ten Commandments,etc.

Why the desire to pull down religion or the Catholic faith, I don’t know. Some of these people are into Scientology out there, as well as satanism and New Age mumbo jumbo.
Of course you do have good christians there, Catholic and protestants,but these people aren’t running the show, unless they own their own studios and produce their own films or work maybe for some of the older studios,which may still have family members on the boards or in key positions, though I’m not sure about that.
Your right, the attack on religion especially christians of all kinds keeps growing,and ,which can only be Satan’s plan. Hey, if the Anti-Christ comes , don’t be surprised if he comes from Hollywood.

i used to be a big fan of this particular show on HBO. i just read about this episode and was really shocked. as the other poster said, they would not use the Koran, the Star of David or any other symbol of Judaism in place of the picture of Jesus. i suppose this is for the in crowd in hollywood who are jewish to give them something to talk. i appreciate jewish humor, but i think this was very inappropriate and i do think that larry david does owe an apology. several years ago there was an episode around Christmas and a Christmas display and Christmas cookies. larry ate the Baby Jesus cookie which was not supposed to be eaten. he has turned into another arrogant hollywood big guy who thinks he can do whatever he pleases.

:yawn: The demons attacking Christ again. They are pathetic. Wonder why Judaism is untouchable? Best thing to do is kill your television, don’t go to their movies.

I wasn’t trying to point fingers at the jews.There are many good jewish people in the world,some might even work in Hollywood,but they aren’t the ones running the show and making the major decisions.

My sister’s fiance is jewish,and Ross would never do something like that,nor approve of what they did on the show.
I like jewish humor too. I’ve seen “The Producers” with Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder, directed by Mel Brooks, that’s the original one. I think that mel had a lot of hutzpah or moxie to do the number,Springtime for Hitler, because it wasn’t to far from the events of World War 2 and the Holocaust.Course at that time we weren’t being bombarded by it either like now.Don’t know if Mel Brooks has come under fire for doing that from jewish groups,even though he is a jew.

The whole thing is just plain wrong, no matter what the relgious symbol or faith he peed on. Maybe people need to picket their headquarters and bombard them with emails,etc.

yes, there are many good Jewish people and i like Jewish humor too. i think this went a little too far though. there was a picture of Jesus hanging on the wall next to the toilet
in this episode and the picture actually was not urinated on intentionally, but was splashed. someone mistook this splash as a tear on the face of Jesus and decided they were going to travel around the country to show this miracle to everyone. so it was also making fun perhaps of our miracles of certain saints or visions of the Blessed Virgin.
if a program were to make a joke regarding the menorah or a serious Jewish holiday, like Yom Kippur, i think the Jewish people would make a lot of noise.

can you imagine if this was against Jews or Muslims?

every news outfit would be bashing this show and it would have already been cancelled

double standards!

Yes, for anyone who hasn’t seen the episode. Don’t assume he flat out urinated on Jesus.
He didn’t. Nevertheless I’m not defending it because the act itself was what he was going for. This was a calculated joke. Larry and HBO knew that this would get teh Bill Donahue and Christians mad and it’d sound a lot worse on paper, to people unfamiliar with Larry David and his show. Headlined "Larry pees on a picture of Jesus! "

Looks like after two days, he finally got what he wanted. This effort to ridicule Christians is disheartening and stupid. This little act by Larry inadvertently splashing the picture, set up a joke to make fun of stupid Christians and how they treat miracles. It was pretty annoying to me, but what’s more annoying to me is the smarminess and the self-serving secular attitude of non religious types.
I like Larry David’s comedy somewhat, but he’s pretty cynical and immoral. The respect for Jesus is probably going to be less and less with up and coming generations.

I also dislike how Larry is partners in crime with this little script, it just fans the flames and singles out Christians no matter what the reaction. I don’t see this country being unified for long, when they keep this “open season” attitude against a majority that is pretty passive.

South Park guys even pointed out the hypocrisy in their “Cartoon Wars” episodes, where they said it’s “Open Season” on Jesus, but other religions can’t be touched.

Instead of it being viewed as scary, a few thoughts. Scan headlines on the internet. Pick and choose those few that aren’t talking about Jen or Britney. Better yet, get a newspaper. Keep your car radio tuned to the local Catholic station. Pick up a Catholic newspaper at Church to get the Catholic perspective and keep it for future reference.

Yelling at God and Christians, when not talking about sex, is what “comedians” and many “entertainers” do today. The new Atheism is the current fad.


Speaking of which.


Editor apologizes for urinating on Joe Lieberman – Larry David not amused](“”)

yes, Matt and Trey has been vocal about that. i remember when Isaac Hayes, the voice of chef and a Scientologist, quit the show when they made an episode about Scientology. they voiced out their disappointment with Isaac that he felt offended about 1 episode while they have a Jesus character who’s a regular on the show and no one is complaining about that. they went on to say thats where bigotry begins, when you think its okay to make fun of other people but take offense when the spotlight is on yourself.

HBO is owned by Time Warner, one of the top ten TV advertisers in the U.S.A. in 2008

Of course he was and someone should.

Hundreds of thousands flock to office building because they think Mary appeared in the form of a window

Devout tourists flock to Coogee because they think Mary appears in the form of a fence

Woman believes Mary appeared in the form of a cheese sandwich, is convinced that it brings her blessings, keeps it for 10 years then sells it on ebay.

The list is virtually endless…from Jesus appearing in the form of burnt beef fat to divine Cheetos to a stain on the Kennedy Expressway underpass.

On second thought, I think the whole thing was made up.
Who has a picture of Jesus in the bathroom?

They just wanted to get the Catholics riled up.

Larry David is definitely in need of prayers. I is dispecable what people do in the context of humor. I don’t know of any Catholic who would have a picture of Jesus next to a toilet. That being said we must remember that Jesus was denigrated and hated when he walked the earth and that continues today. The good news is as Christians know that one day all knees will bow including Larry David.

You could sign a protest petition. Here’s the link.

I got ridiculed at another Catholic forum for posting this petition. I guess it doesn’t matter much. It’s up to you if you want to sign.

There are just too many like him. I hope they someday realize what they are doing before they stand before God.

thanks. i signed the petition. i am sorry you were ridiculed. i don’t know why that would happen. hope this petition helps.

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