Larry King is credulous

Did anybody see his show today that featured the children from “psychic kids.” He didn’t bother to allow a skeptic to debunk any of what the purported psychics claimed. He had on John Edward and another medium. First of all, I’ve seen John Edward’s show and it is clear that he doesn’t have any paranormal abilities. He will very often ask a question of a person for whom he is doing a reading. That is cheating. If he were a psychic he would know just everything about the people right off the bat.

The other medium whose name escapes me was a riot. King asked her if she did any reading for her fans anymore, and she said only over the phone. So I guess I can find her services on the psychic hotline. She didn’t see the US coming out of the rescission soon either. I was struck by the fact that King didn’t ask any tough questions to John Edward. He just threw softballs through the entire interview. He even seemed to believe him.

My belief is that John Edward is a scam artist. I believe he is lying in order to make a buck. And if these mediums do actually make contact with spirits I believe those spirits originate from hell.

Larry King tosses “softball questions”–and what else is new???:confused:

I think the show Child Psychics is a form of child abuse. It should be pulled off the air. How low can parents go?

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