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Please forgive me if this is posted in the wrong forum, I’m new to Catholic Answers.

My reason for posting is this: my husband and I just recently moved to Las Vegas, NV and we’re looking for a new parish. What we’re looking for is a warm and welcoming parish with a friendly community and priest(s), but also a parish that offers a solemn and reverent mass. It doesn’t have to be a TLM, just a mass that maintains respect, solemnity and reverence. I don’t mean to offend anyone with what I’ve said, it’s just my husband and I are not comfortable attending a mass that has liturgical dancing, “modern” type music, etc. Seeing as this is the Traditional Catholic forum, I’m sure those of you here understand what I mean.

I’ve looked at the Diocese of Las Vegas’ web page and have looked at all of the Catholic parishes listed there. After visiting each parish’s web site, I’ve narrowed it down to these parishes, and would like any input/commentary anyone can offer on any or all of these parishes, like whether they offer the type of atmosphere and mass we’re looking for. Also, if any of these parishes cater mostly to tourists, please let me know which ones they are, as we would much prefer a parish with a “same people every week” community.

Las Vegas
-St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
-Prince of Peace
-St. Anne
-St. Francis De Sales
-St. James the Apostle
-St. Joan of Arc
-St. Joseph, Husband of Mary
-St. Viator
-St. Bridget

North Las Vegas
-St. Christopher

-St. Peter the Apostle
-St. Thomas More
-St. Francis of Assisi

Boulder City
-St. Christopher

Again, any information anyone can offer about any or all of these parishes is very much appreciated. Thank you in advance for any help you can offer and I look forward to hearing what anyone has to say. God bless! :slight_smile:

Ive been to St. joan of Arc Parish. They were very friendly.

I am curious on the answers.
God Bless You.

What was the mass like?

My mother in law has lived in Las Vegas for quite a while and a few years ago, when we came to visit, we attended mass with her at Christ the King. If anyone has ever attended Christ the King parish, the mass they offer is NOT what we’re looking for; we’re looking for the opposite of that, actually. I’m not saying it’s a bad parish, it’s just not the type of mass we’re comfortable with. It’s very “modern” in that, at least when we went, they had an actual band with a guitar, drums, etc when we’re used to just a small choir and an organ. I’ve actually heard they have liturgical dancing now; I haven’t witnessed it myself, it’s just what I was told.

The parish where we used to lived offered the perfect mass for us. It was in English and maintained all the solemnity and reverence one would expect from a “traditional” or “orthodox” type of Catholic mass. There was a small choir of about 8 people and a single organ. We sung a few hyms and had chant, and the only “touching” that went on was when we did the “Peace be with you.” We even had pews and kneelers, something I’m told not many churches in Las Vegas have. (Talking about my old parish is making me miss it very much). This is what we’re looking for in a parish in Las Vegas.

Why not call a few of the listed parishes and just ask them what sort of service they have? Tell them what you’re looking for and I’m sure if it’s not what they have, they’ll be up front about it.
Good luck in your search and God bless you!

I believe a member here by the name of --JKirkLVNV—lives in Las Vegas. Hopefully he’ll see this thread and coming in and be able to provide some info.

I actually thought about doing that, but I’m not sure exactly how to ask. I want to be polite and tactful about it without coming across as a snob who looks down on “modern” masses, just in case the church I’m calling only offers those types of masses. I certainly don’t look down on modern masses; if people enjoy them then I’m very happy for them. I just don’t know how I’d be able to ask and be specific about what we’re looking for without coming across as snobbish. I hope you all understand what I mean by that. Should I just come right out and ask them “Do you offer a mass that’s both solemn and reverent without any “modern” type of music or liturgical dancing and only a choir and organ with the people singing hyms? Does your parish consist of mostly tourists or mostly the same locals every week?” Does that seem offensive or impolite/non-tactful?

Also, I’ll try sending the member who lives in Las Vegas a private message and copy my thread here in it. Hopefully they won’t mind me doing that. Thank you all for your help so far and of anyone else has anymore to add, please do! :slight_smile:

@Tansey214 I wonder what church you settled on.

My family attends St Thomas More and it is a bit more contemporary than we were used to it has a very welcoming community. By more contemporary I mean they have some more music with a band than I’ve had before and much of the music is christian music, but I mainly attend the teen mass at 530 on Sundays with my son. He loves the youth group, which is very large and has many activities.

I understand the other masses are more traditional, but still have a band for their music.

It would not be unusual for a parish to have several Masses, and there be some differences between one Mass and another in the same parish. Perhaps not huge, but different to a degree.

The best thing you can do is go to the various parishes to attend Mass. You may find there are none, or only a few, with an organ; or that they have one but it is not used. Likewise, there may be other differences; ultimately you will need to determine what fits best.

Calling is apt to result in poor information. Some of that is a matter of communication -stating exactly what it is you are looking for, and someone else stating exactly what occurs at their parish. You may find that once you start the process, you may find that there are things you thought were high on your list being replaced with something you find, which attracts you strongly. It is also possible to find one that on the surface seems to fit, and doesn’t - either for reasons you may not be able to articulate well, or issues that may be related to personality.

Best -go and see.

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