Las Vegas toddler survives 300 lb snake attack

Lady… I think you went too early with the whole “lion lying with the lamb” thing… Seriously… Does Not keeping 300lb snakes around little children sound too unreasonable?

A Las Vegas toddler was pulled from the jaws of an 18-foot-long, 300 lb snake.

The toddler’s mother told Metro that while she was in the bathroom, her son entered the bedroom where the snake was being kept. “The snake bit him, right here like in the armpit,” said Custer. "

The boy’s mother stabbed the giant 325 pound python 17 times until it released him. Moments later, police arrived. “So we’re thinking maybe it’s dead, so we crack the door and look in there… oh, here’s this big old snake,” explained Custer.

All constrictors are non-venomous snakes, but they will bite their prey and hold on until they can get wrapped around and suffocate their meal.

Tracy says that most snake attacks are caused by people just not paying attention. “The snake is the victim because it paid the price for people’s negligence.”

Because of its injuries, animal control was forced to put the tiger python down. At this time, authorities are still deciding whether or not to file child endangerment charges against the 3-year-old’s mother.


The snake is the victim…:rotfl: :rotfl:

Don’t mess with MAMA!!

well as my mama always said ’ the only good snake is a dead snake’

Some people are so stupid. If you have a baby or young child, why in the world would you want any type of animal in your home that could possibly hurt them? Unless you’re capable of watching everything 24/7, then something bad can occur. Why take the chance? Keep the snakes, dogs and other animals away from young children or be prepared to face the legal consequences.

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