LaSalette Day: Communities


LaSalette Missionaries (men):


LaSalette Sisters:

Proposed LaSalette charism which will begin as Recluses in our emerging Charity charism: and (look under Apostolates Co-SPEMS)

The LaSalette-missioned Recluses will make reparation for the clergy sex abuse scandal.



I love going to LaSalette Shrine in Attleboro, not far from the Rhode Island border. Every Christmas they have a beautiful light show with over 250,00 Christmas lights. There is a gift shop and Father Pat gives free concerts. You can buy hot chocolate or tourtière (French Canadian meat pie). there is Confession available all night.

I had no idea that there were nuns there.

Thanks for telling us about this place.


Sounds grand, but didn’t the fathers’ priory burn to the ground?

I knew there were Salettinian sisters, but didn’t know they were in the US.

We had hoped to establish a LaSalette shrine here in the Southeastern US. Perhaps, some day…



I don’t know. I hope not.

It would be great if you get that Shrine in your area.

i like the vision at La Salette because Mary explains that the crops were poor because people were working on Sundays.

God bless you,


Thank you. Same to you.

Google “fatal foam” lasalette, scroll down to the second part of the series, and you’ll find a very graphic description of the victim’s death.



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