Last Days on Earth.


Hubby and I watched some of the show Last Days on Earth on the History Channel.

I’m posting this here, because I wanted “opinions” from everyone. (Catholics and Non-Catholics)

Hubby and I started to discuss what we thought…

and I wonder what you all thought.


I haven’t seen the show, but something like the impact of an asteroid or comet 10km or more in diameter or a titanic volcanic eruption like that of the Deccan traps in India some 65 million years ago would gravely imperil our species, as would a nuclear holocaust or the release of an extremely lethal biowarfare agent.


first of all, there are alot of what ifs. what if this happened, what if that happened. there is no point speculating on the ifs ands or buts.

when the end comes, if it is in our lifetime, we will all see Jesus. the Bible states so.

no point in dwelling on the what ifs or what might happen or not happen. when He brings about the end is also unknown to us.

the best thing to do is to live your life pleasing to God and not worry about things that we have no control over.

take care about your salvation and do something to make sure you live a life that is pleasing to God.


In the words of St John:

:amen: Come, Lord Jesus!






I watched a show on Discovery one time about the super volcano in Yellowstone Park. It was really interesting as I had no idea we had such a huge thing in our own backyard.

If this volcano every decided to blow it would be truly devastating to the US. I don’t see how the US could ever be the same after such an experience.

I have to agree with TraditionalCath. Our end will come when it comes and there is no sense worrying about it. Come Lord Jesus come! :love:


I would love to see that show. I personally think there will be some kind of civilization ending disaster, but because of the Book of Revelation I know that it won’t wipe out all of humanity, lots of people have to be left for Parousia.


Said very well, and very true.

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