Last lie the devil tells you?


I’ve been on a spiritual path for some time now and I’m wondering, on the path of destruction what is the final lie the devil tells you?


That everything is ok.


I figured it would be something more like “there is no hope” or “kill yourself”.


It’s not your fualt.


“God? There is No God and there isn’t anyone in this world that loves you or cares, no one!”

That is a lie straight from the devil.


I don’t think that’s his final lie though…

Some of the greatest that he has told me (in rough order):

I, the devil, does not exist.
There is no God.
God has forsaken you.
Kill yourself as there is no hope.
You are evil, but a special kind of evil.
You are actually very good, like the next Jesus Christ.


I like ok better because then a person will die in their sins.

“kill yourself” is good too, but that requires drastic action, whereas “ok” is smooth and easy to swallow.


Just look at how many Christians have already swallowed the “ok” pill. They don’t care because they are “ok” compared to some others who are really bad off.


Biggest lie…you’re good, didn’t kill anyone…you’re going straight to heaven!


“Now your just going to feel a little stinging sensation…”


Surely you will not die (perish) That is the first, last and ultimate lie the devil tells you.


Don’t worry about what the devil is going to say last, instead focus on what Christ has told each and every one of us. Don’t try to talk to the devil for he is much clever than any one of us , human beings. Any debate with satan we will lose, just like Eve.


Cookies have no calories. :stuck_out_tongue:


hope and change :slight_smile:


They totally don’t. Honest. :smiley:

The devil continually lies. There is no last lie. Circumstances can/will change and his lie can/will change.


Personally, I think the worst thing Satan has done is to convince so many people he is actually the good ‘guy’ in the bible and Jesus/ God, is the evil one, Ive heard so many people say they believe this, one of their arguments is that the bible itself says many, even the elect will be fooled by a deception, Satan has convinced them THIS is that deception!

That is extremely dangerous, as this kind of belief could spread quickly, so it could also be his last lie, as it means he has fooled you into thinking HE is God, once a person believes that, no other lies are needed.


It can wait until tomorrow !
Don’t worry about it,
You’re a good person,
you will make it straight into Heaven.

but at the moment of death,
I think we will all hear,
“Deny God and I will give you all you desire”


Satan’s biggest lie is that we have all the time in the world to convert our lives to Jesus.

There’s actually a story about that:

Satan asked his demons what lie he should use:

The first demon said, “Tell them that God doesn’t exist.”
Satan replied, “That will catch some, but just about anyone can see that God exists from creation. Only a few will fall to that lie - it’s not effective enough.”

A second demon said, “Tell them that you don’t exist.”
Satan replied, “More people will fall for that lie, but anyone can see that there’s evil in the world. It’s still not effective enough.”

A third demon said, “Convince them that there is no hurry to convert their lives to God.”
Satan replied, “Perfect! Most people will fall for this! People want to come to God at the last minute, but many die so suddenly that they’ll die before they get the chance!”


The last lie the devil tells us is: “there is no hell, there is no devil. Relax.”


Some people procrastinate because of neurological dysfunctions, not the devil.

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