Last nights Abundant Life

Last night Johnette had guests who evangelized The Sacred Heart of Jesus. Johnette referred to a book she read daily and they all were familiar with it. The author is a member of Opus Dei (he may have died). Did any of you catch the name of the book or author?

Johnnette is a miracle.

A great book to have is The Prayers of St. Thomas Aquinas. There is nothing better. You might want to memorise: Hidden Diety, or, if you’re a student: Prayer before Study:

"Indefinable creator, Thou who hast appointed three hierarchies of angels and placed them high above the heavens, and has ordered the different sections of the universe in such marvelous display, Thou who art called the true light and the most glorious principle of wisdom, be pleased to cast a beam of thy brilliance upon the darkness of my mind, and to cast out from me the double darkness of sin and ignorance from which I have been born.

Thou who makes eloquent the speeches of little children, fashion my words, and pour upon my lips the graces of thy blessing. Grant me perceptiveness to understand, ability to remember, method and ease in study, the ability to understand the deeper meanings, and the grace to express my ideas.

Order the beginning, direct the process, and perfect the accomplishment of my work, Thou who art true God and true man, who lives and reigns forever.


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