Last Pope From A Religious Order?


Out of curiosity, when was the last time a member of a religious congregation was named pope?

(I don’t know if this is really an apologetics question, but wasn’t sure where else to post this.)



**On the assumption that the phrase “religious congregation” is meant in a loose & non-technical sense, Gregory XVI (1831-46) was the last. He had previously been Dom Mauro Cappellari - IOW, a Benedictine monk. **

**Does that help :slight_smile: ? **


John Paul II, Before him John XXIII.


JP II was a Carmelite I believe


A third-order Carmelite, yup.


I second that “Yup” and John XXIII was a Franciscan.


Would third-orders and secular orders count? I think the OP was asking about Popes who had lived in religious communities, not those who were secular priests who had been part of third orders.


That’s what I thought too - and I also think that’s what OP was asking.


Franciscan Third Order and Carmelite Third Order are true Religious Orders, as are a few others. Yes there are Secular Institutes and Secular Associations that are not Religious Orders.


Yet I would not consider JP II a member of a Religious Order in the fullness of his calling, because there is an order of Carmelite Priests and he was not a member of the priestly order but associated as a secular member of a community of secular members. He would then be under the authority of the Superior General of the Order in things Carmelite.


Yes, this is what I was originally asking about … but thanks for responses so far… I didn’t know about JPII being a Third-Order Carmelite.

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