Last post closed, one last thing

Ok, the last thread close, and I really didn’t mean to cause such a problem.

Heres the thing. I think the word feminism really brings out the worst in some (especially men), so it appears from the posts.

I guess I am bugged because it seems some want to keep women down. Although it does not appear to be that way on this board.

Look, equal pay for equal work. Let people be fulfilled, if that means stay at home mom, doctor, vet, nun, what ever. Respect people for what they are. Share the responsibilities, find a spouse who has similar ideals, did I say respect a person for the road thy choose? (we are assuming moral path of course)

Perhaps some of these women have gone overboard. I know some men have offended me, in many ways! But that doesn’t men all men are offensive jerks. And not all women hate men and think they are abusive. Both statements are are false.

I guess my question should have been, is it really objectionable for a woman to make the same pay as a man? Or be a doctor? And whats the big deal about helping around the house? You’re a team right? You don’t want to do housework? Find an woman that wants to stay home, make enough money to support the family and be happy.

Please, no more arguing. Sorry I started it all.

Why are you posting this to the TC subforum? Your main interest seems to be discussing men doing housework. This is probably a Family Life topic.

My original post was about feminist, and the movement, and why people were so offended. I bought up a lot a different views and people seemed to be getting upset. THe thread closed and I wanted leave on a better note.

thanks for asking.

Monica, a few have suggested that this is not really a feminist issue, as it is a personal one within your own home. Did you read my post and the ones like it that suggested first speaking with your husband (and it would be a good idea to do so when neither of you are tired, irritated, or distracted)? Or to seek counseling if that wasn’t working? As Floresco suggesed (and I in the old thread), a concern over the division of household chores in your home would best be posted in Family Life, not Traditional Catholicism.

Finally, the Church doesn’t think it’s objectionable for a woman to be a doctor (after all, the Church canonized St Gianna Beretta Molla, a wife, mother, and medical doctor) and she was a physician in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s- when female MDs were not too common.

Ok, please tell me how to delete my posts, I wasn’t asking about the church view.

Please, no more replies.


If I may offer an opinion… equal pay for work of equal value is a civil rights issue. As a woman, I don’t consider myself to be a feminist and I expect to earn the same as my co-workers. (As long as I’m performing to the same standards.)

If you want equal pay for equal work, submit your name for Selective Service. You want men to do housework, go out and earn good (dare I say “equal”?) pay.

Oh, wait, that’s just a reversal of the sexes.

Perhaps you could clarify for me… I’m not sure what you meant to communicate.

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