‘Last pro-life Democrat’ Rep. Dan Lipinski defeated by pro-abortion challenger

My advice to Dan?

#walkaway and run as an Independent or join the Republican Party.


‘Last pro-life Democrat’ Rep. Dan Lipinski defeated by pro-abortion challenger

Marie Newman won the race 48.2% to 45.8%.

Wed Mar 18, 2020 Calvin Freiburger LifeSiteNews

March 18, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Left-wing challenger Marie Newman defeated eight-term incumbent Rep. Dan Lipinski Tuesday in Illinois’ Democrat primary for the U.S. House of Representatives, marking a blow to the last vestiges of so-called “pro-life Democrats” on the national level.

Lipinski had the enthusiastic support of some national pro-life groups. Hailing him as a “pro-life champion,” the Susan B. Anthony List spent heavily on a campaign to reach more than 17,000 “pro-life Democratic” households via digital advertising, phone calls, and direct mail. Students for Life of America, meanwhile, worked on contacting more than 10,000 voters “in defense of an endangered species – the pro-life Democrat.”

Newman, a La Grange businesswoman who had the support of the party’s most progressive elements, won the race 48.2% to 45.8%, the Chicago Tribune reports.

“I am bursting with pride and gratitude for the amazing coalition who helped bring about much needed change in our district,” she said. . . . .

It was only a matter of time. Democrats just don’t want prolife people elected to public office.


I was saddened to hear this.

Low turnout among the elderly I think, though there were four candidates.

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Probably, the COVID19 distancing practices kept the voter turnout low, especially among the older folks, who are most vulnerable to its effects.

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Exit polls showed that turnout about the elderly was high. Turnout among the young was low.

Very sorry to know this. He is one of the few pro-life Democratic candidates out there.

He might try running as an independent. Hey, if it’s good enough for Bernie Sanders and Justin Amash…


a vote for a democrat is a vote for abortion,

I’d like to hear what people who will vote democrat on this board think of this.


Well, I took the advice of voting for Republican Rauner and look what happened. Abortion rate in Illinois quadrupled because abortion became free.

and that will happen with the rest of the country if a democrat wins the white house.

however, it isn’t just abortion anymore!

their social programs haven’t produced any results, their lifestyle changes are anti-family, they plan to give away everything you can think of and tax the middle class to pay for it, etc.


I don’t think anyone in either party has said how these trillion dollar Coronavirus bills will be paid for.

on top of the democratic socialist give-away,

the middle class will pay for it as soon as a Democrat gets in,

they will raise taxes.

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How do you figure? Abortion has fallen under Clinton and Obama.

It will be paid for through a combination of donations from the wealthy (we’ve already seen multiple examples of this–e.g., the various sports stars donating half a million or more for various medical supplies for their hometowns, etc.) and the taxes that come from a booming economy–and yes, the economy will boom after the crisis is over.

The “Freedom from Isolation” party across the nation will be, to quote something our President often says, “HUUUGE!”

But it won’t just be the “coming out” activities. Once we are fairly certain that the virus threat has abated, people will start spending like crazy–cars, vacations,home improvements, restaurants (I miss restaurants!), physical fitness venues, kids activities, concerts, plays, SPORTS!!!, travelling, events, museums, the ELECTION, school (probably kids will have to do something to make up the Lost Months), food, drink–lots of drink, legal marijuana, makeup, clothing, everything, and SUMMER!!!

And that spending will stimulate the economy, provide lots of jobs for those willing to work, and produce tax monies that will be used to pay the bills.

Don’t forget–even though a lot of unfortunate people are currently out of a job, the majority of Americans are still working, and working LOOOOOOONG hours (me, me!), and working from home (my husband, many of our friends) and working in construction and other heavy dirty work jobs (my brother!), and working in online jobs (many of my friends) and we are making gobs of money which we really can’t spend at the moment because everything is closed down! But come the end of the crisis, we have to do SOMETHING with all that overtime cash! I plan to buy a good car (not a $30,000 “second home” car, but just a working car!). We are also finding all kinds of projects in our home that really need to be taken care of. We will spend money.

After WWII, we were pretty much broke, but the years that followed saw a robust and growing economy as people rebuilt their lives, and new products were invented and marketed. Those were the years of the Baby Boom (yay, me!), and we’ll see another Baby Boom after this crisis! People are doing more than just watching TV (giggle!).

Sports is currently not drawing any revenues and the “rich” are losing their shirts in the market. The rest are hoarding cash.

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Lifesite uses the term “Democrat primary”.

They mean Democra"tic" primary. That must have been an honest mistake.

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Don’t mess with “our hard earned cash”.

Rugged individualism. Pick yourself up by your bootstraps and all that.

“we” should be free to give our money to the causes “we” believe in, not the causes the majority believes in. it has nothing to do with picking yourself up by the bootstraps, it is about a choice to do what you want (or do nothing) with “your” money.


Sports isn’t drawing revenues, but the players’ contracts will still be honored, and many of those contracts are for multiple millions. Same for entertainment stars, media stars, CEOs of huge companies, etc. They have plenty of money, and donating a million or so is nothing for them, pocket change out of their Lamborghini’s ash tray.

As for the rich losing their shirts–no, they’re not. They are investing because of the cheap prices, and they know that once the crisis is over and the market picks up, they will make money hand over fist because they bought cheap and will sell dear.

No. If they were investing, the stock market would go up. Not free fall everyday.

New York State is closed.

Large businesses, small businesses. The only things that are allowed to remain open are grocery stores and restaurants for takeout and pharmacies.

What do you think is going to happen to the restaurants around MSG? Or the theatre district? Or the coffee shops and delis that serve lunch to people who won’t be coming in because they can’t go to work?

Or small businesses that need to make payroll and pay health insurance and rent.

There aren’t enough rich people.

People don’t save in banks because the interest rates are so low. Regular people have lost thousands because mutual funds offered better returns.

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More to show, the Democrats are the party of Planned Parenthood with some noble exceptions.

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