Last question came out wrong...wish to delete it

It sounded as though I disapprove of my desires or that they’re fixated on certain things. Not so. I hope all thing ECHO God, are not DESTROYED by Him. How to delete the stupid thing?

You can’t, sorry. The best you can do is to edit your post to correct/improve.

How to edit?

Just go to the thread an click post…and pour your heart out.
No big deal. Everybody writes things that people may misunderstand now and then…
Be at peace.

Go to your original post and click on the “report” button. In the window explain that it’s your post and misguided and ask for it to be deleted. Otherwise, just write a new post explaining what you meant. (That assumes your 20 minutes of editing time has passed. If there is no edit button at the bottom right of your post, you cannot edit.)

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